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  1. Release dates: DirectX 9: 2002 DirectX 10: 2006 DirectX 11: 2009 DirectX 12: 2015 Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX DirectX9 is Windows98, WindowsME era. Really, really old. Even Dx11 is a bit on the old side.
  2. There are also techical reasons. Parts of armor cliping, animations. Animations? Just think. Big belly, swing a sword(animation is the same for all body sizes), off goes your extra stuff. Plus think of the mounts. They already have to carry big char and norns. And you want super sized ones?!?
  3. Pick one of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owovJAlqpc&list=PLpBh4KskobjRJ6LHNSDllfAK2GDjELnIl Tier list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6oDE6SkhqE&list=PLpBh4KskobjRJ6LHNSDllfAK2GDjELnIl&index=11
  4. 8/10. Would be more if there would be a option to disable headacke indusing visual effects. Well, most of the times, I can't see big boss monsters. To much visual clutter.
  5. Griffons and skyscales ate them. Do you see lots of birds? No. Do you see lots of griffons and skyscales? ... logical.
  6. My login rewards perfectly matches whats on wiki page. 1x laurel is on day 2. So you have logged in 2 times and no more then 7 times(day 7 is 10x laurels). Edit: Before I forget ... you do login with a character and "take" the login reward chest, right?
  7. It would be nice to do story in linear way. But for me, HoT(maps) was so horible, I wanted to delete the whole thing and ask for a refund. But PoF mounts changed that. Each mount made HoT a bit better. Fly-like mounts almost make it "hot". Yes, doing story in a linear way is nice. But if you don't do story because you hate "walking" in HoT maps and you ragequit, then where the point in "do it in sequence". Get mounts! They make playing GW2 million times better. Living seasons: you must buy them if they are not "current" when you login.
  8. So you are saying that you don't like up-down maps. OK. But fly(gliding, mounts) solves that problem. Cool. So wheres the problem?
  9. Hmm, that means you can "master" it. You have XP, bar is filled and you have unused mastery points.
  10. Me: - F# skills are moved from F1, F2, ... "down" to 1, 2, 3, ... - weapon 1, 2, 3, ... are moved "down" to Q, E, R, F, Z, X, ... - dodge is moved to middle mouse button. On my mouse, roller is also sensitive to "push down" and acts as middle mouse button - I also have mouse with 2 extra buttons on the side(MB4, MB5) Anyway, I "shifted" things down on keyboard. And I do this for all games that are action based(not point-and-click), not just GW2.
  11. This is for PvE, Open World, story line missions. Does need to push some buttons, but you don't need to be a mutant with lots of extra fingers: - Shortbow Renegade. Condi, Trailblazer gear. This one counts as PvE OW meta. - Staff Mirage. Condi, Trailblazer gear. - Flamethrower Scraper. Power, Marauder gear. Maybe new and improved Celestial gear would also work. All 3 work. Its more about what kind of playstyle you like. Do you want to: pew-pew, blast or burn stuff.
  12. You can get griffon in a single day if you push it hard. Over the weekend, if you are more casual. 250 gold? I sold some Mystic Coins. 2+ gold each. Got them from login rewards. There are also ways to convert Laureals and Karma into gold. GW2 player can have lots of gold, as long as you are not into "legendary" and "fashion".
  13. Wiki is official help system for Guild Wars(1&2). Not all people play MMO to "just fight". Many play to explore and discover.
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