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  1. If you see a build for open world, that recommends berserker or viper, so called glass-cannon gear, ignore it. Noob trap. For open world, story, more or less solo, always go Marauder or Trailblazer or Celestial, or something in that direction. Gear that trades some damage for big boost in survivability. 80/50 rule. Not 100 damage, trade top 20 damage for lots of support, survivability. Glass cannon gear is for organized groups.
  2. Companies are not toxic. But this is suppose to be a game, not a RL job. Anyway, its why raids have a problem. Maybe people don't want another job.
  3. Can't find the post, but I do remember, that one of the devs basicaly said that such a small number of players do raids, that they(devs) don't know if they should invest much(if anything) into raids. Raids cost a lot of money to develop, and then only a very small number of players do it. So why bother? Better to invest into content that most players enjoy.
  4. Yes, you do only what story log tells you to do. Nothing more, nothing less. If story log tells you to get gliding tier 2, then its "story". But maxing gliding is not part of the story.
  5. T2 gliding (glide + updraft use), T1 Itzel (bonucing mushrooms), T1 Exalted, T1 Nanuch. You get Mastery points from story. XP is not hard to get. Key is to remember to select mastery track(to fill XP bar) and not to waste mastery points of stuff you don't need just right now.. Ain't perfect, but its doable. Small note: raptor is nice, but not that nice in HoT. Bunny at tier 3 is where fun starts. And that means even more PoF spoilers. Anyway, if you really care about "no spoilers", then you can do HoT story without mounts. Its OK(ish) as long as you focus on story only.
  6. Just do the story. And only story. Story only. Yes, navigating around Hot maps is very hard without mounts. Farming map metas is even harder. But thats "maps". You can't use mounts inside Hot story instances. So do just story. And the same with LWS3. Do just basic story.
  7. Crafted is lvl78. Not good. Go to where Winterberries drop and get Ascended stat selectable backpack. Why bother with Exotic if you can easily get Ascended?
  8. If you solo, you need versality. Becuase its only you and noone else around. And you still have to do all the tasks that are required to win the encounter. Damage, survive, CC, whatever. The number of task you have to do, doesn't change if there are more players around(a group). The same encounter, the same list of tasks to do. Maybe mobs are "bigger" because of scaling, but everything else is still the same. So a group can afford to have specialists. Not everyone has to be able to do all tasks. Maybe more then one different task, but not all have to do everything. And the bigger t
  9. Char thief. Cats are stealthy and stuff. Norn Revenant. They like old legends and want to become a legend. Sylvari Untamed. They like to hug trees.
  10. Renegade Solo Open World Build Guide No need to swap much. It's 1 year old build, but still works. You can go with Trailblazer or Celestial gear.
  11. No, no. There was no waste. Nothing lost or anything. Your character is fine. You got some points from "Hero Point" nodes. And some from leveling. Boost to 80 gave you points you would get from from leveling from level you where and 80. Note: core maps only give you +1 point per HP node. 2 core maps would not give you alot of points. Note 2: you must spend HP points to unlock ALL core skills /specializations before you pick Elite. Expansion maps give you +10 points per node by the way. Really, nothing wrong here.
  12. I like griffon more, but skyscale is more practical. 1:0 for skyscale. Getting griffon is faster. By alot. Any "wings" is better then on foot. 1:1 Getting skyscale is much easier, if you already have griifon. Map navigation. 1:2 Having more maps unlocked is a plus. 2:1 for skyscale (as you'd buy more maps). 2:2 ... im sure, theres more ... But it looks to me, your "bottleneck" is gold. Its not. Not super hard to get gold, as long as you actually play. By the way, my logic was: get "wings" fast, so griffon. This gives me more gold faster when farming other stuff.
  13. 1. Core story. If one of your lvl 80 didn't do or finish core story, do that. The rest of the story. Living season 2, HoT expansion, LS3, Pof, etc ... In general, do story. 2. Map competitions. And also do dynamic events there.
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