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condi mirage question


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It's very difficult. There isn't a true rotation, insomuch as there is an opener and a whole lot of improvising afterward. There's a bunch of different things that can interfere with your clones and your own skills, so you'll spend the whole time fighting with your own skills and your own clones.


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@"weaponwh.9810"mirage is fine, in fact more then fine. its REALLY hard to get the "perfect" rotation going, and you will be forced to give up your damage to shatter with F3 and use signet for CC ( realistically since you wont have 100% perfect party for CC )BUUUT, you get good value even without doing perfect rotations, if you really wanted you could get close to ~15k dps just by having 3 clones up, and auto-attacking while occasionally using axe ambush, add in occasional phatasm, and occasional shatter ( without making perfect off-cooldown clone management rotations ) and you can get 20k+ dps REALLY easily, you can dodge when cced/attacking, jaunt away from aoes, skip 1shot mechanics with F4. unless you want to do the 30k+ dps hurr durr mirage is REALLY fucking easy

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