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Should've known better than to trust a quaggan

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I never liked quaggans, at all, but Drooburt, the ghastly quaggan gave me a whole new stereotype to dislike them with.I was in about 300/1000 for one of his tribute cycles, and had a lot of candy to give him at once. So I have him a 1000 candy corn.Now, instead of starting the next cycle at 300/1000, it started at 0/1000, so I paid Drooburt 1300 candy for one cycle. Now, 300 isn't much you might say, and that's true.However, I've been avidly saving them for various collections, so it's not like 300 candy is nothing to me. And it just annoys me to no end that Quaggans will stop at nothing to give me more reasons to despise them. Soon I might ignore elder dragons and just start hunting quaggans...

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