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Bring back 5, 4 , and 3 man ques and change how it is scored in ranked.


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I know most of the people that play ranked currently are solo's. I too have only ever played solo ques, however i would still like to see it opened up to teams as well. Which is why i propose we should open it up but change the scoring system a bit. I would guess that the reason most people would be against letting team ques into ranked is how it is scored. Nobody in ranked wants a -18 as a solo for losing to a 5 man team so i think the scoring system could be changed to something like this: If you are a 5 man team vs 5 solos the scoring would be changed at the end of the match: To make it easy lets say a win is worth 15 points and a loss is worth 15 points. So if the 5 man team wins they would only get 3 points (15 divided by 5/1). Inversely If the 5 man team loses they would lose 75 points (15 multiplied by 5/1). If the solo team loses they would get a minus 3 (15 divided by 5/1) and if the solo team wins they would get a plus 75 (15 multiplied by 5/1). For 5 man vs 4 man + 1 solo if it would be a 5 man win = (15 divided by 5/4 ) 12 points, and for a loss: (15 multiplied by 5/4) 19 points. The solo player would get the maximum points +75 or -3 as stated earlier. And you would use the same equation for 3 man and duos. So it would make it so playing as a solo and losing to organized teams is not a big loss in ranked and also makes it so solos will want to try vs teams to get the large potential point gain. I think this would also contribute to monthlies being more competitive as 5 man groups would be able to play for whole seasons and it might bring in more players as a lot of people would be more likely to join their guild groups in pvp but will not play solos. This also makes it so solos have the highest risk as well as the highest reward and teams will have low risk with low reward.I know some other things will have to get changed with this but i think this would be a good start.

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2 man premades already make ranked unbalanced. Enabling larger premades would just turn it into an even bigger joke. Noone cares if solo players have the biggest rating gains when solo players never win vs. full premades.If you allow 5man premades, thats basicly making them mandatory. The top 100 spots would be occupied by those who can affort to have a static.

Making a ladder like this 6 years ago would have been interesting, or a good start... but this is 8 year old game with a shrinking playerbase. I can tell you if ranked required me to invest in a team all of a sudden I would just quit. I imagine many others would do the same. Having a 5 man static takes time and coordination, and since GW2 has been really casual for most of its existence, the playerbase is not the kind that would just reorganise its whole daily routine to make statics.

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5man is a microscopically small, but highly vocal minority. This has been proven time and time again. 5man only queues = dead queues.

There are already numerous times of day when ATs are practically dead, with the only thing preventing their total death being the fact that ATs are the most rewarding farm in the entire game when you win them.

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