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Gift from Otter not dropping from Tribunes anymore.

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Hey Team,I have done the Drizzlewood Meta North well over 30 times or more. I got my all the Otter Memories for the Achievement and then the Tribunes started dropping Gift from Otter. I've already unlocked all the special weapons from the Tribunes.Now for the past 3 Metas, done over a week or so: since I've killed 15 Tribunes, there hasn't been a single Gift from Otter drop.In the Meta runs from before these three, I've had sometimes 1 sometimes 3-4 Gift from Otter drops after killing all 5 Tribunes. But never 0. And never have I seen that for 15 Tribunes there hasn't been a single drop.Is this intended or some kind of a loot bug from my account?Maybe someone else has experienced this as well and could speak up as well.Thank you in advance!

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