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Technical Question about cFB

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I don't know where I should put this put well here we go.

We all know that cFb is pretty good in 100 cm and other fractals thanks being a condi build, having 3 munition skill which are reload during events to which I also count Tomb of Justice which can be reset by killing something or through Renewed Focus which also allow you to ignore events.

So far so OP my question are :

1.) Major Sigil of Bursting and Superior Sigil of Bursting stacking which is too say ad least odd .It is on both builds of Snow Crow and Discretize . I remember we had something like this before and it was pretty fast fixed but this stays for months now also I discussed this back then with my senior which done build since the early days of GW1 he also said lesser and major should not stack so why is this a thing?

2.)What up with the stealing of Ash of Justice ? I mean I can't find a trait which does this . Is this only ARC DPS being silly and counting it to the wrong person?

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It's more that the burn is mostly the damage on cFB (to the tune of 70%) which has quick ramp and the rest of the damage is not mainly bleeding or some other slow condition. That coupled with the sanctuary skill that does 750 defiance bar damage at range, aegis on 12 cooldown, and tomes in case of emergencies at your disposal, are what cement it's place right now.

Re: point 1. The bursting sigil stacking is likely an unpatched error on Arenanet's part. Other sigils do not exhibit this behavior.

Re: point 2. The game isn't balanced around who gets more damage in arcdps , honestly. There was a brief period that condition damage wasn't counted at all in arcdps.

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Point 2: Its how the game works and is unrelated to arcdps. Ash of Justice is a buff and whoever casts it first has ownership of the buff. All following ashes just add stacks to the buff. The person who has ownership deals dmg with his condistats and expertise. If a hfb casts ash first to take ownership he is griefing the group by dealing no dmg with his and everyone elses ashes. There is also an old Mursaat record that abused ashes.

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