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Recently returned, seeking guidance

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I recently returned and finished leveling a character (human core-necro) up to 80(cap?). Mostly through map completion, farming, events. To familiarize myself with the game play.

Now I'm looking to create a new character to main (and really get into the story), but I'm at an impass on what.

Profession I am looking at either Elemental or Necromancer (basically clothie wizard type wielding Staff)

I'm really stuck on race. I have plenty of character slots available and have been creating different race/profession combos trying them out.

I'm rather vain and looking pretty is important so I lean toward Human (for Fashion Wars!). But I worry the story might be a bit bland and so many humans running around (who doesn't like feeling unique/special?!).

So I think a different race might offer a more interesting story. I like the Charr surely personality (but something just feels off to me, they never seem to stick with me). Norn is a no (I just see big human, with less appealing customization). Asura have great animations a fun looking, but the armor just doesn't look as appealing on them. And Sylvari. Very interesting lore, interesting looking. Not really a fan of the architectural style. They can wear armor well though at times it can feel like it clashes (out of place) with being a walking vegetable.

Sorry for rambling, but if you're still with me; to sum up. Looking for advice on Race/Profession and story.

Profession: Elemental=Necromancer>mesmerRace: Human>=Sylvari, then Asura/Charr, no Norn.

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If it's simply a matter of aesthetics, it really comes down to which race you find appealing. Clipping is an issue (most commonly with charr) so if you want your armor to look as good as possible, human or sylvari is probably your best bet. There are a ton of options to customize your character and make them look unique, despite them being a more 'vanilla' race. Continue playing around with combinations until you find one you like.

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Human and Sylvari are my top choices. I lean towards human for general visual and appeal. But I lean Sylvari because their story sounds more interesting. Third is Charr. I think I just like the idea of the Charr, more than actually playing one (?). I adore their slightly grumpy/sarcastic personalities, I even got a Charr plushie (so fuzzy). Maybe it's because they are so unlike any other race I've ever seen.

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Sylvari have a great storyline that doesn’t really borrow from other fantasy races. Asuran are pretty funny to play in general.

I would suggest listening to the characters speak for each race to decide what voice you want to be hearing during play. Running them through the intro story should be enough to get a feel for them. That is the primary reason I don’t play Norn or Humans.

As for the Profession you choose, Necro and Elementalist are not typical staff with cloth armor like other games. They can be, but both have strong ties to melee range combat. Necro is a lot beefier then Elementalist as well. Put another way Staff is a good weapon but rarely the best weapon for those professions.

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