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  1. What content intended to be played solo in GW2 can’t be completed since the nerfs you mentioned?
  2. Condi Virt wants Bleeding Duration at 100% when full buffed. It is easier to max Bleed Duration than it is Condi Duration. If you consider ‘stat weight’ which is the measure of how much of any stat an item will typically have, Condi Duration is about twice as expensive as Bleed Duration. This is why we see Rune of the Krait with 50% Bleed Duration and Rune of the Tempest with 25% Condi Duration. The same can be seen with the Sigils for Bleed and Condi Duration.
  3. The Mirage eSpec for Mesmer is actually one of the most capable at soloing open world content up to legendary bounties. You could also look at Firebrand Guardian as another ‘easy’ alternative. There are also some Necro, Engineer and Revenant builds that might do the trick. It depends on how easy you want the play to be.
  4. This doesn't answer why the topic says 'WE'. As the players part of 'WE' is sitting here playing the game. What are the players banking on here, what is their stake and involvement? As others have pointed out, LW1 is absolutely new for anyone who didn't play it, and I'd wager that the time and developer investment into re-launching LW1 is in line with adding brand new content anyway.
  5. What’s this ‘we’ nonsense in the title. Anet isn’t banking on Steam, they are looking to add a new method of selling the game to a captive audience of dedicated gamers. It’s like McDs setting up a shop at the local mall food court. The hope for Anet will be that the investment into Steam will have a better return than the cost to do so. It doesn’t actually mean anything to the existing player base except for a few more players in game, spawning a few more map instances.
  6. No. Watchknight and Volatile give you a flat 33% return of Sprockets or Volatile Magic regardless of what you are gathering. A Sprocket can be sold for 2s50c on the TP currently. Volatile is variable depending on the return from various Shipments, but can be stronger than Leatherworker. Alchemy can in some cases reduce the value of your gathering (such as hitting Platinum and getting Mithril instead) and it doesn't do anything on top T6 equivalent nodes. See The Glyph of Alchemy Page for a conversion chart. Leatherworker is also variable per node but as it always averages to
  7. If the goal is to homogenize roles then banners and spirits will need to be changed in a way that doesn't make them required for a 5 or 10 man group. We already know they wanted to change banners and spirits away from 10 target buffs, and they want to remove the requirement for 'bannerslaves' so I doubt the existing banners and spirits just get Quick or Alac added without some form of nerfs to them. Put another way, if they just added Quick and/or Alac to the Bannerslave, then bannerslaves would be the strongest meta choice for group play over other Quick or Alac providers. That totally
  8. Expect these to be changed/nerfed along with Ranger Spirits June 28th with the Profession balance patch.
  9. I tend to park in Arborstone and step into Echovald to get the buffs right there. However, Garden Heights in New Kaineng has everything you need right by the waypoint.
  10. I'd like it if they added something like Bounties and/or Adventures to EoD maps. I know they aren't old but they have the least content out of anything released.
  11. If they could update LFG to allow players to see all Dungeon groups forming at the same time it would make it easier for players to form groups at any level for Dungeons.
  12. I generally suggest new players don't use the level 80 boost until they already have one level 80. Core Tyria is massive and gives you a lot of lore and story in Open World as you level. It also teaches you many game mechanics along the way that can be helpful to learn as HoT and PoF can be overwhelming for a boosted character. It is also common for newer players who boost to 80 to abandon or give up on the boosted character as it wasn't quite what they wanted. I also advocate against boosting solely to get a Raptor as Core Tyria was designed to be walked. While having a level 80
  13. Would your engagement with this conversation change if I gave you my credentials? I'm not one to share my extended work experience in a public forum, but I believe I understand this topic pretty well having worked for multiple companies in product development and support. Perhaps instead of talking down to me and assuming that you know more than I do, you should expand upon your position and show value in your proposition. Why should Anet care about new players feeling left out by not having mounts with when there are already established methods of attaining them?
  14. If Elite mobs are the bar, then any Mesmer OW build from Metabattle will work. If you want to get into Champ Bounties, Legendary mobs or soling instanced content, then Mirage is probably the best to choose. Virtuoso probably has the easiest playstyle but offers the least sustain when compared to Chrono or Mirage. However, any build can substitute in some sustain gear like Mauraders, Trailblazer or Celestial to provide some extra defenses and smooth out gameplay if you need it. Mesmer - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds
  15. You're pretty funny, the consequences! Not serious about game development! The consumer is not always right and sometimes a product is not the right fit for a consumer. This is totally okay. You mention 'What matters is whether the design is doing what you want it to do.' Do you think Anet feels that the game design is doing what they want it to do here? I would say they probably do, given that since PoF and Mounts entered the game, they have always required players own PoF and go to the Crystal Desert to get them started. Same applies for Gliding from HoT and now Fishing/Skiff
  16. I'm not suggesting it is an elegant solution, but it is a solution that exists for everyone who bought the expansion. Your complaint in part centers around wanting something from an expansion you had not yet purchased. Your reasoning is an emotional one, not one born of necessity. Feeling left out does not equate to an in game need. Players do not need mounts in Core Tyria, or in fact, in any content up to PoF, as none of the content prior to PoF was designed to require mounts in any way. Anet has not changed anything in pre-PoF content to require a mount either, so it isn't like ther
  17. It would be nice if there was better detail in game, but as there isn’t, you have two options. Use /wiki ‘subject’ in your chat bar to open the GW2 wiki directly to the page of whatever you are looking up. You can use item links as well with /wiki, or zone names, NPC names, whatever. The other is to get a third party app called TACO. I don’t use this personally, but it can overlay pathing for many different activities for optimal game play. Unfortunately, GW2 for the most part is what you see is what you get, so I doubt we will see any significant updates in game, ev
  18. I didn't refuse to listen to you, I read your post, and you said you felt left out because you didn't have a mount, and you didn't have a mount because you didn't have the expansion they came from. The resolution to that issue is to buy the expansion.
  19. You felt left out for not having content from an expansion you didn't buy? Huh, I guess the solution is to buy the expansion so you can have that content right? The issue with topics like these is that there has never been a really solid argument for giving mounts to new accounts. Like, new players are really going to leave the game because they don't have level 80 Mounts? Maybe finish leveling first, or, if you want to be level 80, use a lvl 80 boost. Anyone buying EoD will get a lvl 80 boost that they can use to skip ahead and get a mount. Seems like there is no issue here and that
  20. Understand why people are calling you trash and you will have an easier time enjoying whichever profession you choose. Let's assume you have a learning curve, and you are not at the bottom, but not at the top. This means that you can learn more, and move further up the curve. Someone calling you trash is simply an impolite way of saying you have more to learn. And that is the point of this exercise right, to pick a profession and to learn everything about it and eventually master it. If someone is impolite to you because they know more than you do, either challenge them to teach y
  21. 38k???? Why would you be okay with this? Virtuoso has arguably less defense/sustain than Willbender, Mechanist and other 38k+ DPS builds (using Snowcrows as a reference). The trade off for having top DPS is Virtuoso can't do anything but DPS and rely on other for boons and sustain. Sure, you can do things like taking Inspiration but then you aren't running a 41k build anymore are you? Besides, using these benchmarks as a reference for whether or not a build should be nerfed is absurd. The average player isn't getting that type of DPS most of the time, because most of the time they ar
  22. It's totally fine, having done this myself several times. The Core game plays more or less the same as it did 8-10 years ago before Mounts and Gliding. Remember Core Tyria was built well before Mounts were a consideration, and as such it is laid out quite nicely for foot traffic. Do new players spend significant time doing group/world events that require a mount to keep up? What events are they doing in Core Tyria that require a mount to be involved? Almost every event in Core Tyria was, again, built around the notion that players would be walking, so they are paced accordingly.
  23. Someone has to be top DPS and so far it appears that Virtuoso is not problematic in any content. As Virtuoso is a selfish glass cannon with no alternate playstyle, it should probably be right at the top of the DPS charts anyway. I doubt it will be dramatically changed anytime soon, but it won't be top DPS forever either. Unless Anet decides to make it completely unplayable, any DPS changes will most likely have no impact on actual gameplay.
  24. I wish your dream of a 40k MMO was possible, but there is one factor preventing this, Games Workshop. If GW wanted an MMO, they would have one, and apparently there have been many suitors over the years but, GW has made it fairly hard to work with them on such projects. While I love the 40k IP, Games Workshop is a terrible company that have abused their fans and partners many times over the years. I just don't see them engaging in anything more than 1 off games where they can collect their licensing fees and royalties and move on.
  25. I have seen several players leading HP Trains through EoD over the past few weeks. I don't recognize them as the regular NA folks who run them for HoT and PoF, which is not a bad thing. I'd suggest keep checking LFG around Reset and on weekends as that's when I've seen them.
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