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Gather radius on flask plants too small

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The gather radius for the plants used to make Flask of Metabolic Primer and Flask of Utility Primer is very, very small - you practically have to stand on top of each one individually to harvest it, making it very annoying to gather these from the home instance every day.

  • Homegrown Koda's Blossoms
  • Homegrown Krytan Spiderwort
  • Homegrown Ascalonian Royal Iris
  • Shing Jea Orchid

There is no valid reason for this small radius: 1) the flowers are account-bound, and 2) the flasks are account-bound; there is no point in making the daily gathering also painful.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Yes, I read your post.

Congratulations that you read his post. But you didn't test gathering specifically those plants as what he's saying is true. I'm currently gathering the "Homegrown Ascalonian Royal Iris" in my home instance and using the Lucky Dog Harvesting tool I have to stand on top of them to gather them. All other home instance nodes (besides the 4 mentioned) have the radius normal "harvesting" nodes have.

If you plant any (besides the 4 mentioned) you can usually (at least in DR/Kryta Home Instance) stand in a specific spot in the garden and gather all nodes from that spot. With the 4 mentioned you have to exactly stand on top of them.

@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" Okay to amuse you I did some extra testing (and a repair archive). It appears the gathering radius of the flowers is fine. The problem however is the following: The "Growing crops" that appear after you harvest one take precedence over the other flowers that are still growing, causing you to have to stand on top of the other flowers to gather them instead of just being able to press "F / Use for 4 times", it does however work if you manually select the other flowers.

Still a bug though the "Growing crops" should not take precedence over any other crop you can planted in the garden.

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So, is it then the gathering radius or the prioritisation of the nodes within range that's the issue here?

I, too, noticed that I have to move closer to these 4 specific nodes when gathering than any other possible nodes you can plant. I do move around in-between gatherings, anyway, to cancel the end of the animation and speed up the process somewhat, so it's not a big issue for me, but the difference in behaviour is definitely there.

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