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Weapons being marked as 'unique' and preventing being equipped

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Bozy3IC.pngOn my engi I had two Qadim's Assaulter's Pistols equipped in the mainhand/alternate offhand configuration for weapon swap benefits. This morning I unequipped one by mistake while working with build templates. I found that I Was unable to re-equip.

The pistols are tagged with 'unique' and I can no longer use two of them at the same time - despite it letting me for months prior to today. I am very confused because I thought 'unique' was only for trinkets.

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I'd suggest creating an actual support ticket where support has you delete said items and they mail you new items instead; i'd honestly ask for the 2x qadim pistols, sigils (if different than 'stock'), 2x transmutation charges, and hopefully it was a stat selectable item though i would not be surprised if it wasnt (if not, then ask for items to convert it to your stats).

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