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gw2efficiency is not a vertical slice of the game's population, so you should take all the info there with more than a grain (or even a spoonful) of salt.

However, Guardian (mostly thanks to Firebrand) is one of the most versatile professions, having at least one viable meta build for each.Also, Guardian is the best core profession.

I think these two factors are the reason why better players gravitate more towards Guardians than average players do.That said, I meet many kinds of players of all professions and the amount of Guardians doesn't seem to be significantly higher than other professions.

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Openworld isn't a full sample of the playerbase. You're more likely to see guardians in instanced content and WvW ; gw2efficiency playerbase on average will have more achievements and "stuff" so it makes sense it would be skewed toward guardians and classes used in instanced content and WvW (which you need to make legendary items).

I believe longbow rangers (druids, soulbeasts) and reapers to be more popular in openworld PVE.

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