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Mesmer's F1 and GS2 bug

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video with full explanation :

Quick explanation :Gs2/mirror blade :Mesmer’s greatsword has a skill called Mirror Blade. How it works is when you cast it, it sends out a projectile that will bounce between enemies and allies, and deal less damage the more it bounces.There is a bug related to this skill. The in game tooltip tells us that it is supposed to deal 15% less damage per bounce, but what is happening is that the game is applying that -15% to the first clean hit which did not bounce yet, resulting in an overall ~17.6% damage loss compared to what the tooltip tells us.

F1/split second & mind wrack :There is a certain bug that affects s hatters for mesmers. It has been around for at least since arc dps exists, but has not been really usable up until the new chronomancer shatter reworks in july 2020.Simply put, the bug occurs when you shatter 2 or 3 clones with your f1 split second and rapidly follow it with any other shatter. Your f1 will magically deal more damage for apparently no reason.

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