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Will the Fallen Balthazar outfit package be available again for statuette exchange?

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I've been waiting for this so long as last time it was available I didn't have enough tokens and I was waiting for what felt like 2 years for it to return but I never thought it would come back again and all the ones I had piled up are already spent and I only have like 8 left now and I really don't want to wait years again for it to be available or possibly never available anymore. I doubt I can catch up now because every week I can earn like 1 of them (with luck even more but I don't have any luck with these black lion chests that drop them) and next week will be new items offered for sure.Anyone perhaps know a clear rotation list or spreadsheet for the items that are available so I can perhaps prepare next time?The wiki doesn't give much information on when which item is offered.

(I hope this post will stay after April 27th still because I heard the forums will be wiped :( )

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