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Need help picking a main Q__Q

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I know that the forums are littered with posts like these all the time (I'm sorry). I also know that a question like this is usually impossible for another person to help you with as everyone has their own likes and dislikes. However, I'm hoping to get some advice on my particular situation. My current main is Engi, I've all the story, map completion and the like on this character. I also have several legendary weapons for this character (rifle and hammer) that aren't very usable with other professions. That being said, I'm working on finishing my legendary armor and I've hit a wall. I need to decide what armor class to make my legendary armor and not only am I getting tired/bored of my engi, it is the only medium armor profession I am remotely interested in (I really like guard and rev as well). I feel like if I invest my legendary armor to medium, it would be a waste of potential only getting use out of it for one character. Alternatively if I choose a different main, I won't be getting much use out of my existing legendary weapons. All this being said, I'm a fairly casual player with limited time I'm able to play a week, so maybe none of it matters anyway and I'm thinking too much. Despite all of engineer's supposed "jack of all trades" versatility, I feel like there are only two builds that I could ever reasonably play in any difficult content, and even then the engi rotation (especially condi builds) are so needlessly complicated compared to other professions. Any engi's out there that can give some advice?

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Go with the heavy armor.


Legendary gear has comparable stats to Ascended, which your Engineer surely has. So stat-wise, it's not really an upgrade.


Legendary is primarily useful for two things: showing off, and flexibility of being able to equip on multiple characters.


The Heavy armor variant lets you use it on the two alt classes you are most interested in, plus Warrior if you want to try that down the road. As you say, no other Medium classes you are interested in, so a bit of a waste to go that way.

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I'll second heavy.  And note that hammer is useful at times on Guardian and is a 1200 range weapon on Revenant, so you might find use for you legendary hammer there - I run hammer on my Herald all the time and keep one handy for my Renegade for those times that short bow...comes up short (yes, I have a staff for both of them too).

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My favorite and most-played character is undoubtably my thief. I have every gear set I could want on that character. If I make a legendary and decide not to sell it, I'm probably going to do it for another character.


I suggest you think the same way — you're not locked into picking a new "main," just do whatever will give you the most flexibility and fun. Guardian and Revenant are both desirable in a broad range of content and can both make good use of the stat-switching capability of Legendary gear. (For what it's worth, Hammer Herald will let you use your legendary hammer to melt faces in World vs. World. It's a fun, easy, and highly desirable large-scale DPS spec in that game mode.)


HOWEVER, what I suggest you actually do is…




Start gathering your materials but wait until the EoD class previews are done to fully commit to an armor type.

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I think its the best to wait untill u played all new especs from EoD. It could be, that you will like the new engi spec a lot. (Or maybe another medium armour user)


Personally I think the legendary armour only really worth on characters that can do everything and also often many things at once ( so like ele and engi). Because there changing builds may need completely different stats. Also maybe a mix of several stats. For other professions I think 3 or max. 4 sets of an asc armour is enough for anything u need. On my ele I have around 12 builds with 10 different stat. So there the legendary armour is really perfect and great. I only play engi for a while...but I feel the same potential there. There r so many builds and ways to play.

I guess it's better if u ask this question yourself, since u main engi so far. 

- How many different builds do u play in the whole game in all game modes?

- do you enjoy build crafting on the engi?

- will you enjoy the engi much more, if you could just switch stats and test new and crazy builds?

- do you like changing your armour skins a lot? ( on which profession the most)



I had a break from ele 3 years because it felt not rewarding and too complicated to use. But after getting the legendary armour on it, I love it more than ever. I keep making new builds and I try to get the full potential out of this class. If you think the same will be for you on engi, then medium armour would be great. If you want to have this experience with another profession (that you didn't main before), then just get a few exotic sets and make a lot of different builds on it. See if u might like it or not.


Also...Legendary armour on rev and guardian could be also great, if u don't like build crafting at all, and u want to get the most out of it.



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