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Mount base color slider

Zephyria.6103Zephyria.6103 Member ✭✭
edited September 24, 2017 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

To start off I'd like to say I understand why we can't dye our entire mount, and our current dye channel isn't complete coverage. It keeps us from being overrun with neon pink bunnies, etc etc.

However, for more customization, could we have a light/dark slider bar for the core coloring of the mount?

Like...for example the springer (bunnyroo) could go from a pale creamy tan on one end of the spectrum to a dark chocolate brown. The skimmer could go from a pale silver to a dark navy color. The sand jackals could transition from pale golden sand all the way to a black sand. On more complex colored mounts, like the griffin it could be a warm/cold color transition slider, from warm brown on one end of the spectrum to cool grey on the other.

This would allow us to have more or less contrast with our chosen dye channel color, while still maintaining visual integrity of the game.


  • This or even just having it so you can dye the main color and it mutes it to a base color that's in the color category, i.e. dying any pink or red, no matter how bright would give a reddish-pink fur on the springer or dying any yellow dye would give a creamy color fur on the springer. It would avoid neon mounts, but allow a little bit more variety.

  • Yeah..I could definitely see that as a preferred option. I'm not sure which would be harder to implement though....given that we don't have many sliders in gw2 I'm guessing a muted dye channel might be the simpler option.

  • Donari.5237Donari.5237 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Given how subtle most colors are when applied to the raptor, and how most springer dyes only stand out at a distance as light hued or dark hued, I'd love to be able to alter the base coat. Keeping it in a hue range as discussed in the OP seems fair.

    I'm sure it won't be easy or soon, given that they designed in just the one dye channel. It may even be impossible in the same way that weapon or backpack dyes are impossible. But I'm crossing my fingers for deeper mount customization!

  • Shaaba.5672Shaaba.5672 Member ✭✭✭

    I could definitely get behind this. Or maybe some sort of system where there are only a few colors for the base dye channel that we can choose from. I don't like the idea of two fully customizable dye channels, but this is a good compromise.

  • it's not my best photoshop work...I just crammed the pic in there and dragged the hue slider over to cold colors but it'll show the general idea:,h_291,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/bb1c66_6621ce36d04d4f1b93b0d3d9e258a606~mv2.webp

  • TexZero.7910TexZero.7910 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Just give us 3 dye channels and be done with it.

    Who cares if Joe Schmo has an Electro Pink Springer. It's no less immersion breaking than any of the over the top weapons or armor sets that are so far from practical its not even funny.

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