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Storage for books and relics

The update for the novelties is great and I can't wait for the tonic update!
The next culprit after that in my book would be books and relics.
I'm not really sure what to call relics, but what I mean are things like Reforged Shadowstone, Class II Rift Stabilizer, Polla, Ley-Infused Lodestone.
Basically items that you've gotten through various story-related means that have no actual use, but you'd want to keep for the sake of having them.
It would be great if we could have a book case and display case for these kind of things in the home instance or something. I'm not asking for 3d models of them (although that would be cool). I'd just want some place with wardrobe-esque infinite storage where I can put this kind of items and if I can also display it to friends in that manner, then all the better.
I don't really want to toss it away after all, but it really clogs up inventory space. I have a bank tab, sans a few slots, full of books and enough relics to fill the remaining slots and quite a bit more.
I'd ask for a wardrobe for it, but that really doesn't make any sense. So I figure a book case and display case would be the way to go.


  • Danikat.8537Danikat.8537 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I agree. After equipment I'm saving for alts/stat changes books and relics (I call them tools, but like you I'm not sure what the real name is) are the most common item in my bank, and I haven't even got all the books in there because my main is still carrying around the ones from Istan to remind me to finish the collection.

    I want to keep them because I still use them - I like reading the books sometimes (I've been collecting books I like in games since Baldur's Gate...and then I got into the Elder Scrolls series and had virtual houses full of virtual books) and I either find the tools useful (I use the brandstone multitool every time I go to Istan) or I want to keep them in case they're useful later on. I'm never sure when or if the Current Events stuff is finished so I don't want to scrap them and then find they come back into the story later.

    If I had to pick I'd vote for books to get an alternative form of storage first, because it seems more logical to group them all together and since they work by bringing up a dialogue menu or other window, and it's already possible to add to or change books (like the Bloodstone Fen ones which we collect during the story) I imagine it would be easier to condense them down to one item even if 'behind the scenes' it actually means deleting the book and replacing it with a new item (like the way the Mystic Forge upgrades items by deleting them and giving you a new one in it's place).

    I don't necessarily want them out of my bank completely, but I'd like a bookshelf or 'book bag' item which can store multiple books in one slot - like the Living World portal tome.

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  • I fully support this. Been asking it for a while, but no luck so far.

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  • Dante.1763Dante.1763 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Kinda hoping this is something that gets added with the sunspear sanctuary thing they teased at honestly.

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  • Glacial.9516Glacial.9516 Member ✭✭✭

    With mention of a new home instance area for Ch4 (and as Dante said above) I am hopeful that it will have a bookshelf. They could also add some kind of portable library card to access it from the field. I also really, really hope the new instance will let us display Minis in some fashion. Whether in specific locations, on a new furniture item that is designed to display minis, or roaming around the way cats would.

  • Mikuchan.7261Mikuchan.7261 Member ✭✭✭

    It would be interesting if they did do this for the new "home instance" sunspear place.
    The problem is however that non-PoF and potentially non-CH4 players wouldn't have access to it.
    I don't really think a feature like that should be expack locked and I don't think ANet would disagree.
    That also wouldn't really feel like "your" library the same way it would if it was in your own home instance instead.
    So I don't really think that they would do that.
    However, that said.
    I just want my books on a shelf somewhere, still kept, but out of my inventory and bank, so I really wouldn't be against doing it in the new sunspear place.

  • They have experimenting with it in Istan library. I suspect something similar will be added to the suns refuge.
    I think the sun refuge will be locked behind PoF. Which is good in my opninion.

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