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Introducing Controller "Keybinds By Zefrost" (Steam)

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These were designed using an Xbox 360 controller but I would imagine they should work for PS3, PS4 and Xbox One as well.
This is what it looks like:

Search in steam configs for "Keybinds By Zefrost"
You MUST use the keybinds in the image provided or this will not work.

If anyone has any issues, please let me know. I playtested as much as I could and intentionally tried to break the keybinds as well. I managed to break some things and fix those issues. I have not had any problems in a long while but it may be possible that I missed something. I've spent a huge chunk of time (100+ hours) perfecting these keybinds. Anyone interested in using push to talk: if you use a hold push then binding push to talk to shift and holding left stick click should work. If you use a toggle press then you'll have to unbind about face in game and use left stick click. Anyone that knows what they're doing can possibly try a different bind.

For reference:

Right Trigger
Left Click / Skill 1

Left Trigger (Hold)
RSclick=Special Action
RSleft=Skill 2
RSdown=Skill 3
RSright=Skill 4
RSup=Skill 5
You can also activate a turbo left moue click by first holding right trigger and then holding left trigger. This is handy for cleaning bags. (This does not give any unfair advantage) Also, letting go of left trigger will cause right trigger (left click) to no longer be active so be wary of that if auto attacking.

Left Bumper (Hold)
RSclick=Profession skill 1
RSleft=Profession skill 2
RSdown=Profession skill 3
RSright=Profession skill 4
RSup=Profession skill 5

Right Bumper (Hold)
RSclick=Heal skill
RSleft=Utility skill 1
RSdown=Utility skill 2
RSright=Utility skill 3
RSup=Elite skill

Left Bumper + Right Bumper
(Press)Toggle Action Camera

(Press)Interact / Mount Ability 2

(Press)Jump / Swim Up
(HoldLSclick)Swim Down

(Press)Dodge / Mount Ability 1

(Press)Weapon Swap
(Hold)Stow Weapon
(HoldLSclick)Pet Toggle
The Y button also defaults everything so if anything messes up for some reason (it shouldn't) just press Y.

DPad Left
(Press)Previous Target
(Hold)Take Target

DPad Right
(Press)Next Target
(Hold)Call Target

DPad Up
Scroll Up / Zoom In

DPad Down
Scroll Down / Zoom Out

Left Stick (Movement)
(Press)About Face
(Hold)Snapground Targetting
Hold is also Shift. Allows you to ping map and link items.

Right Stick (Camera)
(Press)Right Click
(Hold)Look Behind
Hold is also Alt. Allows you to place personal waypoint and split stacks.

Left Stick + Right Stick
Hold left click then right click = Auto Run

(Hold)User Interface (moving left stick)
(2xPressHold)Mount Menu (moving left stick)

(Hold)Squad Markers (moving right stick)
(2xPressHold)Spare Radial (moving right stick)
If you know what you're doing, you can add anything you want into the spare radial menu.

Everything to do with the keybinds is intentional (unless it messes up somehow). For example, vertical mouse movement is less sensitive so that ground target skills do not become impossible to place manually. Left bumper and right bumper become deactivated after activating a skill with a slight camera pause so that the camera doesn't veer off in any direction. This does not happen with left trigger because those keybinds have skills that require being continually pressed (trebuchet movement for example). Shift (left stick click) is instant because it was possible to do so. Alt (right stick click) has a slight delay before activating because it causes problems otherwise. Radial menus linger a little while after activating so that you do not interrupt auto run accidentally.


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    This is pretty darn awesome. Glad I stumbled across it. Gonna take a while to get used to it but really enjoying it.

  • Ruufio.1496Ruufio.1496 Member ✭✭✭

    @Llethander.3972 said:
    This is pretty darn awesome. Glad I stumbled across it. Gonna take a while to get used to it but really enjoying it.

    Glad someone found it :)

    I may make a video and edit the steam post or something. I feel like I can possibly make things a little easier to understand from a glance so that no one passes by. I've been becoming less active but it would be a shame to let the keybinds die considering how many hours I put into them. You really wont find better keybinds. If anything is causing issues let me know. Enjoy. :)

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