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[PVE] What if we reversed the order of effects of Well of Action and Well of Recall?

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Could we improve the gameplay experience of support Chronomancers if Well of Action and Well of Recall applied Boons on the first two pulses, and Condition on the third?

On paper, I think support Chronos are still in a strong spot. However, the underlying issue isn't with the numeric values of the Boons and Conditions they can apply, but with the reliability of which they are applied.

After Boon share was removed from Signet of Inspiration, the main means of providing Quickness and Alacrity is by having your party members stand in the Wells at the correct time (i.e. at the final pulse). While I can buy in to this as being a thematic design choice for the Specialization, it is invariably clunky to execute in actual gameplay scenarios. Even if you ignore cases where enemy mechanics might interfere, there is also the problem with party members being able to a) find your Wells amidst the visual clutter, and b) have enough game knowledge and game sense to be in them at the right time. In other words, in order for a support Chronomancer to perform optimally, they need to impose additional complexity to the gameplay of their party members. This is, in the worst case, a frustrating endeavor, and is generally a rather negative gameplay experience for all involved.

This mechanic has indeed existed for years, but we've been able to band-aid it with Boon sharing with Signet of Inspiration. Now that Boon sharing has been removed, having players who miss the Boon application pulse of these Wells feel very punishing, especially considering the cooldowns of these Wells (25 to 30s, base cooldown) and the fact that you can't even guarantee that you'll be able to apply the Boons the second time around.

By reversing the order of effects of these two Wells, in particular, I would argue that the experience of playing a support Chrono would be much improved as the reliability in which we are able to apply Boons to allies is increased. This is also in line with both designed and emergent metas that see these Wells more as Boon support utilities, rather than offensive skills.

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    Or we can just reclassify them as gyros then reclassify them as wells so recall and action are pulsing pbaoes.

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    I wish they ticked similar to necro wells

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    Wells are in a wierd spot there are 3 wells that I think are designed well (pun not intended).
    Well of Eternity: This one was designed to be taken if you want cleanse. (3 minor pulses cleanse)
    Gravity Well: Is taken for a lot of AoE CC (first 3 pulses) The last pulse actually doesn't matzer at all!
    Well of Precognition: I NEVER saw a mesmer take precog for the endurance on the final pulse. It has always been about the (blur/distort) and now aegis that it provides. And guess what it is done in the first 3 pulses!

    This is great design!

    Now lets take a look at the remaining 3 wells:
    Well of Calamity: In PvE it's a dps loss, in PvP noone is actually dumb enough to stay inside the Well. It should be reworked to Apply something that you WANT on the first 3 pulses and have the large damage pulse as a bonus (same as Gravity Well)
    Examples: 1s Immobilize, 1/4s Daze, 8x Vulnerability, etc. There are enough options to enhance this skill. Some may require an increase of cooldown bjt it would be worth it.
    Well or Recall & Well of Action: These 2 are always taken for their final pulse. The first 3 pulses do essentially nothing in PvP/WvW and in PvE the Wells feel clunky to use as the delay on the buffs feels super weird to use in a CS rotation.

    I 100% agree thst these 2 should be reverted.
    Well of Action: 2s Quickness per Pulse and final pulse deals heavy damage and applies 5s of Slow.
    Well of Recall: 2s Alacrity per Pulse and final pulse deals heavy damage and applies 5s of chill.
    Both cd increased to 30s.

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