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How do new Spirits affect healing output?

Omnicron.2467Omnicron.2467 Member ✭✭✭

So I had a Raid with my Druid doing W4, and I struggled to keep the group alive, what I noticed was that my spirits NEVER DIED, and my healing was going to them. Due to the nature of Cairn and being the only Druid I ran 4 Spirits. Now my question is with skills that heal the group usually only affect a number of targets, like 5, so was I healing my spirits instead of healing my squad? :open_mouth:


  • @Omnicron.2467 said:
    so was I healing my spirits instead of healing my squad? :open_mouth:

    XD this is really funny... Idk if that really is the case though.... But if it is, idk what else to say to comfort druid players... Atleast anet should've increased number of targets to 10... Imagine all players wiped and it's just the spirits and the druid standing in the boss platform blinking at each other :p :p

  • I really admire druid players... But nowadays I see their count dwindling in FOTM ... But few druids trying out their new found nerfed skills in PVP...

  • ChartFish.1308ChartFish.1308 Member ✭✭✭

    While yes, your healing will affect spirits, they come second to actual players. You will heal your group and squad before you heal your minions.

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