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Necro wvw roaming builds and tips

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Hello all,

As I have been playing the game for many years, necro seems to be one of my weakest links when it comes to wvw roaming, especially with the meta we are in. Although part of it is my fault as I dislike scourge and love reaper and core necro, I felt the need to as builds and tips to improve necro roaming. With many professions I can easily do 2v1 if my skill is slightly higher than my opponents (or if I do not encounter some instacheese builds)

So, in light of these, I want to ask you your tips on roaming, and handling against other professions (especially long range and hard cc feels boring). I like power builds more and I felt the need to be a little sturdy due to roaming being mostly outnumbered for me. Thanks for your help.


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    Such a perfect explanation. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. Thank you, I will keep your advices in mind.

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    I know you said you don't really like Scourge, but in my opinion Scourge is absolutely amazing for roaming.
    As a Necro for all specs in roaming, EVERYONE WILL TARGET YOU in a group fight.
    As the other dude said above, running double energy is essential for us Necros.

    The thing Scourge has over Reaper and Core is Sand Swell because it allows you to portal juke and kite multiple enemies.
    Absolutely the best skill necro has ever received. Just note as I'm posting this Sand Swell is Bugged, so be warned.

    Fight is really easy with any necro as long as you run double energy with at least 2 stun breaks.
    Pay attention to their attacks and dodge.

    You only have to worry about Dragon Hunters here. Pay attention to true shot as it will destroy you once the DH starts to gain distance. Never get out of melee range of this class and make sure to dodge all True Shots.

    As someone who duels top tier revs like Tubby Two Ton, you need to corrupt their might as often as you can. Applying chill really hurts them a lot so make sure you do this as often as possible. Most common revs aren't too hard for us to beat.


    Staff is your best friend if Condi. Axe is your best friend if power. If running condi, do not waste all your skills on a thief. This fight is all about you not burning through cool downs. Thieves can remove condi when they dodge an attack. I like to apply a couple of stacks of conditions and just completely stop attacking. I notice when I do this thiefs just burn through their dodges hoping they dodge an attack to remove a condi.

    Conditions really hurt Scrapper and any necro should win this fight. As for holosmith. As someone who has dueled Xan, reading your opponents and timing your corrupts is your best bet. I still struggle with top tier Holosmith players.

    Whoever is better will win. Most necro players are bad tbh.

    Necro should always win this fight.

    Ah yes, took me awhile to figure out how to consistently beat mesmers on a Necro. I only know how to beat mesmers on Scourge. Never fight directly fight them. I usually let them chase me and place AoE fields behind me. ONLY fight head on if you know you can secure a kill. This goes for both condi mesmer and power mesmers. It may seem like a cheese strategy but most mesmer burst require them to be in melee range and you could use this to your advantage.

    Saved our hardest match up for last. In a duel against a competent ranger you will most likely lose all the time. Best advice is to always break line of site with them. I've been playing with Corrosive Poison Cloud and as this is somewhat helpful. CPC just isn't going to cut it against pro rangers. Just never let them gain distance between you and make sure you apply tons of chill as it really hurts them a lot. Make sure to always dodge Long Bow 4 as this is the skill that will kill you in the fight.

    Outnumbered Solo fights:
    As I mention with mesmer, on Scourge I always let them chase and I'll place AoE fields behind me. The second I notice one backing away and is low, I focus this target. If I notice the my opponents has a ranger, I will always focus them super aggressively at the start. Rangers are our weakness and taking them out asap should always be our top priority.

    Roaming w/ friends in a small group fight:
    The second the fight starts, they will all focus you. Make sure to position yourself correctly and let your teammates know they should kill and ranger or deadeye if the opportunity arises. You will most likely have a Warrior completely aggro on you during the entire group fight. I don't know why this is. But there's always one warrior on me in every group fight. Just dodge their attacks and focus other high value targets. If the warrior stuns you, pop a stun break. If your on Scourge, sand swell is amazing for kiting and relieving a lot of the aggro if you're portal juking.

    I'm just a guy who daily solo roams on Scourge.
    I also do a lot of duels.

  • Great write up eremite. Psaro could you give us any ideas on the build? Cheers

  • This guy will help you out. Roamer since launch i believe and mostly on necro.

  • Psaro.6178Psaro.6178 Member ✭✭
    edited May 2, 2019

    Here's my personal build for roaming. Been having tons of success in outnumbered fights and duels.

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    Cheers psaro! Definitely going to chk it out.

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