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  1. Thief in this game is more of a wizard that uses weapons than a rogue, the closest thing resembling it is an arcane trickster rogue subclass but even they aren't nearly as powerful as guild wars 2 thieves. Also thief right now is like holosmith. Ludicrously overpowered when you know how to play it really well, terrible otherwise.
  2. I wonder if it would be better to just have the normally skipped mechanics happen a lot faster. Could also design encounters to where performing difficult side mechanics deal significant damage to the boss so the raids are less about builds and more about coordinated efforts.
  3. The road map outlines a new direction flow where a lot of content is cut out in favor of small edits here and there at a faster pace than when the expansions come out, but at a far slower pace than a normally patched online game whereas even there, the content produced is larger. Its better than what bliizard did with overwatch where they simply gave nothing for years while they worked on overwatch 2 only to scrap much of what they worked on for years and leave the playerbase with a worse experience than overwatch 1. While much of the company's attention is diverted away from guild wars 2 (again like they did on the failed mobile gaming but this time with a smaller staff), the illusion of grandiose plans for the game is upheld to maintain guild wars 2 in the meantime whereas reading with the slightest bit of scrutiny shows that there isn't much in store for the future. Hence, maintenence mode.
  4. I wouldn't compare it to deadeye. Deadeye should have never been made and has been a problem since the day it was released. The problem has only lessened over time where now it is a problem in the hands of the competent rather than a problem regardless of who uses it.
  5. What? Arena net is never going to fix it, they don't care.
  6. I think they're more confused about the maintence mode comment. Especially since such a thing would be very worrisome for a lot of players addicted to this game.
  7. There is only one glowing purple mask in the game.
  8. Only a handful of players can do anything well in pvp. That has no bearing on getting rid of a troublesome interaction, especially once that outperforms the playstyle of an existing class (power herald) while having access to more utility on top of that. The sic em combo is at least reactable since rapid fire doesn't do its damage all at once given that you have a stunbreak and the main issue with that combo isn't so much with the combo itself but the mobility and stealth access that class has to allow itself to keep reseting repeatedly.
  9. Since the flesh wurm cooldown increase, mobility has gone down.
  10. That's moreso a problem with spellbreaker. Every fight I have against them, regardless of build, takes forever and necessitates copious amounts of kiting since you can't trade blows with them on anything if they're on dagger/shield.
  11. Post your berserker vs valkyrie golem videos on the smallest golem. Look at the first 20% hp mark (burst) and final dps at the end. Then do it again while pulsing moderate damage.
  12. This person didn't read. Yeah this game isn't well made for deathmatches of any size. Though its not great for conquest either... Truth
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