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  1. I wonder which is worse, devs knowing all these and not fixing them or devs not knowing these and still being responsible from the balance/game.
  2. Please try revenant. There are builds that can tank/lifesteal really well and do a solid ampunt of dmg. Although it is a tad bit boring compared to weaver, playing it is still fun. Condi torment rune rev is also an option and thay torment symbol looks so funny :) Burn firebrand is another option. You can just sit there and spam burns, aegis and slay your enemies. A tad bit tanky fresh air tempest can do the job. Minionmancer reaper, gyro scrapper, andcondi mesmer can also do the job.
  3. Stop making new elite specs! I want to play all of them and it is impossible. Also it makes me angry when I compare the elites here and elites in the actual game :)
  4. I really thank you all for your kind answers. I dont want to sound ungrateful but I have tried several builds. Although the core version feels smoother it still feels not enough for roaming. In wvw I am always outnumbered so it is 2v1 at best. Most of my builds can handle that and with rev I could before the patch. I even used glint/ventari in roaming and got some success too :) I like to experiment with builds and played every profession with different builds. But sadly rev is my favourite with all its bugs and problems. That is why after trying many things and not being able to handle outnum
  5. Condi rev is not in even in the list of problematic builds. There are far worse builds that one can find in wvw, most of them being condition based.
  6. Hi guys. As we all know that after the patch power builds suffered a lot. As rev is my favourite profession I have been trying to find a power build that works well in roaming. Sadly I failed miserably. On top of that I havent seen any power revs ( or the ones I saw died too fast too bad) while roaming. Do you have any ideas/builds or experiences for this? Ps: I know , I know power rev is bad now but still there might be a chance to make it work.
  7. First of all you cant force people to do quests for the elite spec. It can be an option but not the only option. Second, that requires an immense lore for the specs and game and I am not sure that anet can pull it off well with all the nerfs and buffs.
  8. Start with mesmer, try power mesmer first it is harder than condi version. Do not use any defensive stats just go for full zerker. Try different skills/weapons and traits. With some time and effort you can learn it :) It is hard, true, but not impossible.
  9. Hahaha I had a same experiencw with a weaver, dont know if the same one. Wheb I see a really toxic player I sometimes act like i dont know english and speak some gibberish. Three days ago I met a weaver that is extremely annoying and toxic. After a brief conversation that was both rude and offensive, I startrd to use in game quotes only whenever he whispered. Example: why tf you ddnt rez me noobMaybe I was the illusion all along.omg trash go to pveEverything unfolded as I knew It would.Eventually he gave up. And I had some fun.
  10. Now this is awesome. Good concept, different yet feels familiar. Loved this idea. I am not a bard/minstrel fan (concept wise) and really want hexes to be a thing. But this concept would also do :) gratz for your great effort. It is good to see that people are creating great concepts around here.
  11. Well if summons being unkillable is too strong, then adjust them accordingly. What renegade has now is pitiful. You cant summon them on so many grounds due to uneven ground problem, you cant summon them on top of walls or near the walls like sword of justice, they dont follow you like scrapper gyros or they cant even do a proper burst without getting stunned/killed like necro wells. And on top of that you cant even use a proper rune to buff them because their skill type is uncompatible with any of the runes that designed for specific skill types. In pvp they might cover the whole point but in
  12. You might wanna learn core dd first to memorize the skills. Like everyone said ele is part knowledge and part muscle memory. And weaver is a tad bit more complicated with having dual attunements. Great way to learn is to do some pve content. You are not pressured in old maps thus you can try new combos, learn chains and perfect your execution. It always helps me to do some old maps and learn the specific build first (then I go to pvp or wvw to learn it in action)
  13. Damn. Beautiful artwork, great concept, vibrand colors. Can you please design new elites for other professions as well?
  14. Interesting arguments. Condi rev needs nerfing true. Needs a heavy nerf. But rev profession needs a buff and a rework too and without that condi rev is the only playable build rev has. Core necro also needs a nerf, in the tankyness part. Dont you necro players feel angry about the skill level drop? Necro is so easy nowadays and all my necro main friends are uunappy with this. Thief mobility needs nerf. But it does not need more initiative cost increase ( poison immob thief needs a total obliteration). Just like rev does not need more energy cost increase. Rework those two well and stop forci
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