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Spite or Soul Reaping for WvW Celestial Scourge

I'm usually finding myself in smaller groups but sometimes large zergs. Wondering which trait line would be best... the boon corrupt Spite or the dps Soul Reaping.


  • People will tell you to run spite on Zerg gameplay..thing is that Spites major attractions are things you probably won’t ever see use for.

    Vulnerability, might generation and damage modifiers.

    Truth is that you will never have enough time to stack vulnerability, and if you do it will be instantly cleansed.

    You will almost always have 25 might stacks in a zerg, without spite.

    The damage modifiers will also almost never apply...the 10% more damage from having no boons on a foe...when opposing zergs will always have boons...and Closer to Death 20% modifier will never see use because most players are either topped off or dead...

    So the only reason to take spite is for corruption from spiteful spirit...which you’ll prob only corrupt 2 boons max in most situations.

    Reality is that spite is near useless in zerg play despite the consensus that it is useful when in truth it’s not. Soul Reaping is superior in every because every trait will see value as long as your there in the zerg...more LF generation, more damage, and more utility.

  • Thank you. Those were my feelings too. Soul Reaping it is.

  • Stand The Wall.6987Stand The Wall.6987 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 13, 2019

    spite is taken only for its boon corrupt, which is good when stacked with other scourges. however I find curses to be superior at boon corrupt, not in spikes but over time. soul reaping imo offers little to scourge unless youre running dhuumfire or you want an additional stun break with foot in the grave when running in smaller numbers.

  • gavyne.6847gavyne.6847 Member ✭✭✭

    Curses, Soul Reaping, Scourge is the current meta in WvW. You take Soul Reaping for reduced shroud recharge, 10% damage on entering/exiting shroud, and increased crit chance & ferocity when in shroud. The only time I take Spite is when I need the extra extra corrupt boons when soloing.

    I wouldn't go cele unless you roam a lot and need to tank 1vX yourself often. It's almost always better to go for damage using berserker/marauder.

  • I'm not all Celestial... my weapons are Grieving. Maybe I'll try bers/marauder one of these days.

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