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  1. Here’s an example to show that they aren’t fundamentally different: We all play PVP matches. We all get a button called an “I win” button. which by pressing you get a win for a match. does the implementation of that button remove pvp from the game?…PvP is still there…you have the option to not press the button right? So we didn’t remove PvP from the game. the absurdity behind this feature is that, nobody would ever not hit the button…and so in effect you removed PvP from the game… so just like downstate…adding a button that bypasses it is equival
  2. Like Kuma said, trade offs need payoffs…otherwise the trade offs are just handicaps. Likewise, payoffs need trade offs otherwise you get busted, spammy and generic gameplay. as someone that vividly advocates and stresses how important the correct implementation of trade offs are and how important they are to the balance of the game, seeing bad implementation of it is disappointing. truth be told I haven’t logged into the game during this beta, but based on what I’ve heard and seen in the streams, I feel like Anet is trying…but dropping the ball…again due to a lack of und
  3. Actually, you are. Just because you say or believe in something, doesn't mean the actions you take truly reflect what you are say or think you believe. I can be the president and say "I love eating hamburgers, but I don't like animal cruelty..." But if I decide to mandate the removal of fences around all cattle farms... then guess what...you may have saved the cows, but there will be no more hamburgers for you to eat. Like downstate...you want to add a specific mechanic that effectively removes the strategies tied to the downstate mechanic...just because you keep "repe
  4. Hey Kuma i usto main theif for about 5 years. One of the best strategies against daredevil is damaging conditions. They have a hard time cleansing them, so if you have a persistent way to apply some conditions like burning you can force them to always disengage or they die. I did this on my reaper (I no longer play Deaths Perception. And I roll Dhuumfire) and I got extraordinary results when 1v1ing thieves. for dealing with blinds, you just have to play into their capacity of thinking they are safe from damage on skills where they aren’t. I’ve stood in blind fields to d
  5. i have no sympathy for you on the topic because this topic has been discussed hundred and hundreds of times. We have a “no downstate week” in WvW every 3ish months because of it. Playing during this time period you can immediately see the results of what the game becomes when there is no downstate…one shot big meme builds that capitalize on neutralizing a target before the team has the chance to react with a viable counter strategy. Players also completely abandon the notion of fighting alone and will always huddle even closer to avoid being singled out to die (aka it encourages zerg
  6. You said and I quote: “A sepuku button in downstate would fix this for me” so yes you basically said downstate needs “fixing” with a mechanic that essentially removes downstate and the strategic elements that are tied to its uses. Complaining about downstate is the equivalent to complaining about the dodge mechanic. Just because some people don’t know how to effectively dodge attacks, doesn’t mean the mechanic is at fault
  7. I really have no sympathy for “no downstate” discussions. It’s a mechanic in the game that all players have access to, and all players, both the receiver and the inflicter can manipulate to their advantage or disadvantage. its one of the more fair and balanced components of the game.
  8. It's got potential, but they need to make those fields mobile in some way...or more accessible. otherwise it will be invalid in WvW and Spvp because most of the spec seems to depend on the f5 fields and comboing those fields.
  9. It’s also a vicious cycle. You have low population because matchmaking is bad…matchmaking is bad because there is a low population, and both continue to accelerate each other into the ground. the question is what is the fix and the truth is that there is no simple fix. To increase population means addressing balance…which people still don’t truly understand how to “fix” that…and even fixing balance isn’t a guarantee to return a healthy population. there are more than likely other factors not even discussed that contribute to low population…including things like Anet mar
  10. I’m a theorycrafter so I share theory as well as build craft based on those theories. However there are some builds that are so broken (by broken, it borders on exploitative…infinite dodge builds, complete condition immunity…infinite healing…things of this nature) that I do not share them publicly only private or not at all…mainly because I think anet will nerf it before I see it used to any interesting capacity. Most of these exploitative builds aren’t even practical without group coordination, but simply the fear of seeing mechanics removed because of oversight is silly to me. mild exam
  11. What I do on my reaper, is exactly this: Most revs will open up in sword and try to land a burst with their sword 4/5 combo. Dodge this…so when they teleport to you: insta dodge. After they do this, they will try to go for the sword 3, which is the thing where they flutter around you like a butterfly. This you can also dodge or pop a defense for. The moment their sword 3 flutter attack is done, they are now playing defensively. So usually during their evasion attack I like to enter shroud, precast my shroud 5 and smash them with a stun once their evade is done…land as many autos
  12. I think burning is a more common condition than blind…not to mention since blinds are more easy to remove, thus preventing conversions. think of it this way. If you had burning condition and all it took was to hit the opposing player to cleanse that condition burning would be far less strong than it is. This is the position that Blind is in…it can be removed by condition cleansing and by just hitting any attack button where as burning can only be cleansed by specific, and much smaller pool of spells About the topic: I agree with Kodama, that the reason is more than like
  13. There’s two ways to look at Aegis: a) you can look at it through a strategic perspective and b) through its properties mathematically strategically the only build aegis is strong against would things like warrior…builds that have very large damage in a small number of slow, highly telegraphed skills. Whereas by contrast, aegis is the weakest against builds with very small damage with large number of fast skills…aka the majority of the damage in the game…think of reaper shroud 4, auto attacks, flamethrower… Mathematically, it should be obvious that protection beats aegis
  14. Aegis is not the strongest boon in the game. It’s literally the same thing as a single blind application. They both negate an attack. The strongest boon in the game prior to its nerf was resistance. Now, after nerfs, it’s protection, as it negates far, FAR more damage over time.
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