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  1. yes its true. boons have impact on the strength of the zerg, but it's not the most important. Configuration (ball) and numbers matter the most by a significant margin, with the exception of stability which is absolutely necessary. Without stability, CC's render the zerg inert (unable to use skills) and death becomes an inevitability. Every other boon is optional really and it becomes more of nash equilbrium type scenario where...if the other zerg has XYZ, you also want to have XYZ because otherwise you're at a disadvantage. So example, if their zerg has 25 might, their players are doing roughly 30% more damage than your zerg. Likewise, that goes for every mechanic, so with quickness, their zerg is 50% faster than yours, with alacrity their rotating cooldowns 20% faster than yours and so on. All of that however is relative of course...because if zerg A has players doing 5k DPS on average unbuffed, and Zerg B does 15k DPS on average unbuffed, then 25 might will benefit Zerg A only by 1.5k DPS, which is still less DPS than Zerg B unbuffed. In other words, player skill is an important metric, in how useful the boons are, and whether they are actually being utilized. Additionally, many people who put builds together, make them under the assumption that they won't receive boons from other players in an un-comped pug. Which is why you don't see everybody walking around in Diviners or Valkyrie Gear, under the assumption they would get fury from a party member. The only boon that people assume is taken by default in WvW is Stability. Even in a comped group, unless its a very sweaty guild, most guilds are pretty lax about what it is that you are playing (unless you are a Guardian) , so long as you follow calls, do the dps, keep people alive and win the fights etc...and won't badger you if you aren't hitting max regen or vigor uptime. But anyway, If you asked me, and as my posts reflect in this thread, I think nerfing boons won't do much of anything other than just make the game worse, like making it harder to kill people that get their strengths from sources other than boons...like say minstrel gear, or just balling together. People often see changes in a singular biased way, don't realize that changing something doesn't effect just the enemies, those changes effect all players in the game, and how to combat the enemies. Folks are so blinded by the pitchfork, that they will reject any message to the mob's directive, even if its the stupidest idea ever. In PVE Alac is very strong, in contrast to Stability which is mostly useless there. Like stated previously Alac increases the speed in which you can cycle through rotations, for the purposes of builds that utilize burst sequences as their main source of damage. and in PVE, Damage is the primary currency. I'm sure that the confused emoji you got are due to this particular quote block because vigor, and stab are pretty much worthless there... dodging is considered a DPS loss, and 95% of the time, bosses don't CC.
  2. Sorta like a hex or a curse (callback to gw1). Honestly, that's just a great idea, and i could totally see it working, so long as hexes and curses are removable (which adds even more depth, roles to fulfill, and niches to occupy into the game). I could also see it not being limited to conditions, but just any kind of mechanic...reduced outgoing or incoming heal...reduced attack speed...reduced stat contribution... possibilities are endless really.
  3. Ya, or traits that just turn say a weapons damage coeffecients to condition, or healing coeffecients instead, so that all weapons can become condi, healing or strike damage weapons.
  4. It just sounds more like you just started playing and have been introduced to the first time to standard zerg strategy and bag farming. There’s nothing new about this particular behavior of people getting mowed over by a reverse push. the first response made to this topic is probably the most accurate depiction of gw2 WvW boonball history. Boons back in the day worked somewhat differently and were stronger than they are now. I was a noob like most others back then so that’s as far as my knowledge goes. It slowly just evolved over time where more boons and more defenses were added into the game. But 10+ target cap abilities and super strong interactions like the epidemic meta existed that made boon balls less significant because zergs were easier to kill with less bigger group sizes. 15 man guilds and 10 man super players would consistently roll over 80 man blobs in those days and those were pretty good days for the scene IMO. Carpet Bomb Meta was kinda crazy but at least the game could be shifted by a small number of good players. It only started getting bad post 2020 when everything got nerfed and when 10+ target cap skills were getting phased out of the game. Small guild groups could no longer do those things since individual contribution to group dynamics diminished and numbers started mattering more. When numbers mattered more, even fights in open field we’re decided by spikes which were led by bubbles (had to strip away boons so you could cc and immobilize people so that they don’t dodge the spike.) the games has always been decided by spikes in even fights, but I’m just saying that spikes mattered at that point in time more than just sheer single player contribution like it us-to be. when bubble was nerfed that was pretty much it… wkeying and melle balls sorta took over cause that’s kinda all there is left to do. Fights are more or less decided by numbers first and foremost, good positioning (like not standing in the choke lol) rezing teammates (so you don’t rally bot) and standing on downstates so they get cleaved out. Those are all usual strats since forever it’s just that is what matters now in determine fight outcome IMO. Boons are just always up as a consequence of people pressing their buttons…nobody even really cares that hard today about their boon bars like they usto since real condi conversion no longer exists. I mean when was the last time you were feared? Do people still empower anymore? Lol man I remember people 5 years ago were complaining about the enormous amount of CC (myself included) and that firebrand was mandatory to play the game. it’s still mandatory but ehh…not really you can get away with COMing on a Druid or even some rando DPS spec nowadays.
  5. Yes and that is the point in all my comments if you read them. Boonstrips need to exist…that is what solves the problem of boon spam. Boonstrips is being phased out of the game which is a bad thing. btw the other side of that coin is the lack of other mechanics that anet puts on skills because of said phasing out of existence the unique mechanics in the game like boonstrips. It’s why there are so many skills with boon granting effects on them.
  6. No, you just doesn't understand how to process higher level thinking. I can tell that you think this is some kind of "pro boon" conspiracy but you just can't think past "boon high, nerf number." But lets walk through this again: That's the issue, you should care, because that is why we have lots of boons on every skill. Like i said, once you get rid of boons...what is left on skills? nothing because Anet has been streamlining all of the unique mechanics out of the game. this is why we have boons on every skill cause there are no other mechanics they are putting on skills. 2) Boons existing, is nessesary for boonstripping builds to be meaningful and useful, and i mean that is just a hard fact about the relationship between boons and boonstripping. Boonstripping equalizes and regulates the existence of boon builds, hence why boons and boonstripping have to exist together to have a meaningful expierence in the game where both of these mechanics exist. removing either one of them makes the other pointless. So please get past this idea in your head that boons are somehow this one sided thing in the relationship to boonstrip, it is not. The two must coexist, and the only way they will is when both sides of a fight take them. That's a bit of a rando effect (since not everyone has firefields either), but ya effects should exist that allow people to counter play boons, and this is how you take care of the boon problem. its very simple, not even hard to think about how it can be done. Relics are a very universal way to approach it. IMO there should be towers of theorycraft based on boonstripping, and likewise for any mechanic in the game, thereshould be towers of theorycrafting and possible builds that can be made to deal with enemy strategy. PS. sorry for sloppy typing, in a rush.
  7. Bro this has been the strategy since the dawn of organized WvW not when relic of cerus hit lmao 🤣
  8. Like you said, reveal is a hard counter strategy to stealth. soft counter strategies include placing AOE or damage around you, standing in a place that puts the enemy in your line of fire, or standing in smoke fields so that when they combo they hit you, revealing themselves. invulnerability by contrast 0 counterplay strategies and this makes them categorically different. it’s like comparing from the Boys; Translucent to Homelander. There’s just no comparison…of course Homelander has X-ray vision (which counters translucent) but if he couldnt see translucent Homelander simply wins by not being killable. Homelander could just laser 360 and eventually kill him too. And they also added diamond skin to translucent cause being just invisible wasn’t OP enough lol…so I think the show kinda just makes obvious how OP being unkillable is… Ahem but back on topic, should reveal and other counters to stealth exist and be introduced. to the game? Yes of course. There should be entire build frameworks and towers of theorycrafting that specialize in countering stealth in my opinion. As a result, stealth should be rewarding so that builds that counter stealth fulfill a useful, meaningful role and niche. Anet kinda drops the ball on game design so all we ever got was reveal…so ya…sad stuff.
  9. Yea…and read the comments I left carefully. Boons are plentiful because that’s all they put on every skill…cause they are streamlining the game. Second they haven’t been adding boon strips to the game. The second and last time they added any was when spell breaker came out. They are now currently removing them. you have to think about what is happening in the big picture. You aren’t gonna get rid of boons by going through the 400+ skills that output boons cause theirs no mechanics that replace them…cause anet has been streamlining the game…getting rid of every other mechanic…so what else do you expect them to add to skills when new things come out? Wild guess: More boons. hence why unique mechanics in general must exist my guy (so anet can design the game with something other than boons) and boonstrips should exist as one of those unique mechanics. again so long as people subscribe to the streamlining your just signing the dotted line for more boons.
  10. i wont lie, I do enjoy the drama duels where people talk trash and everyone in general throws gold on the line, enters spectator mode to see the outcome. It can be bad because it does inflate ego's, cause some toxic people can be good at the game, and dying to a toxic person in a duel is kind of just meh...its not good. You're also totally right about the nerf threads that will pop up as a result. But just for some reminiscing, there was a time, when duel arenas had population, and personally it was one of the best things about this game, in its history. Everything about it was so natural...there was a self-regulated policing of having honorable duels among large numbers of people...folks would bow to each other, people would space themselves out...trolls were dealt with by spectators...people would talk to each other and have fun while watching others duel, and people would learn from it, and make friends, and because people got to know each other, games just became less toxic because you would often bump into your friends in games. Good times. It would honestly just be really nice if that dynamic was brought less out of the little corner A-net built for it, to be a forefront of the game, and I've advocated for such things in the past (for example, dueling spaces outside of major cities so that new players can duel each other, watch veterans duel, learn about PVP and game mechanics, make new friends and all that.) Now that the ideas are floating around, it would also be a nice idea for their to just be a spectator option in a 1v1 duel mode...some people just want to watch others duel and hang out and talk with other people and not always grind rating 24/7 on sweaty matches. Add an option to gamble on match outcome while your at it 😉 sigh...I feel like a lot of the charm and positivity in the PVP scene was lost when duel arenas died. Same with Hotjoins, which had a similiar vibe. I won't lie, I felt myself becoming more toxic as time had gone on, grinding away PVP matches solo...there's something very unnatural about it in that sense...which is why i eventually just stopped playing the game because playing ranked all the time just made me more angry. i can't be the only one that experiences that moment of self reflection right? idk.
  11. I think i agree with practically everything you said, except this. boons existing, creates roles and a niche for boon strip like builds. The more people that bring boons, the more people that bring strips and that is an intentional thing...because boon strip regulate the existence of boons. And obviously, in any well designed game, boon strips would also have counter strategy (like how condition cleanses is a soft counter to boon corruption) and each subsequent mechanic creates roles for other subsequent mechanics...and that's how diversity increases. Listen, I've studied the phenomenon of diversity...on an academic level, for many years. The one conclusion that was the most apparent is that diversity does not increase by deleting things. It's hard to understand why, and I'm not going to go into it right now but the above mechanism I described above, is how diversity works everywhere in the world. Now about everything else. I don't disagree with the other things you said. But in fact, i believe that those things just further build the point, on why you are not going to get rid of the problem of boons without having boons strip, and let me go over why: Scenario #1) nerf boons so their durations are less right... well by how much? Is this not already the case? I brought this up on another thread...but most boon duration currently in game, last from 1 - 8 seconds. that's pretty short duration already right now. People find ways to chain them together with different skills, and with armor stats like concentration so that the effects can be chained permanently. So how long should boon duration be to prevent this from happening? Well you'd have to nerf everything to what...1 second long? At that point the boon loses all functionality in just a regular setting. You cant utilize a boon if the boon only lasts less than the cast time of skills. So there is a lower limit on how much you can actually nerf boons. By and large we are at that limit on many skills already, where most boons untouched, especially in WvW and PVP last between 1 - 8 seconds long. Scenario #2) Just remove the boons then right all together... Okay...but then what else are skills gonna do? Like i just said in the previous comment, the game has jettisoned most unique mechanics out of the game as a result of streamlining it, which is why most skills, grants boons. so the only things skills are gonna do aside from just giving boons, is doing damage and that's it. at that point it becomes stick wars 2, number simulator aka hamburger mobile quest 2. So the above two things are no longer options anymore, through just straight up logical deduction. You can't remove stuff over and over and expect the game to become something interesting cause you're just systemically "removed" everything from it...removing all of its unique mechanics, good or bad... like i alluded to earlier, this is the reason diversity does not increase as a result of just removing stuff. It so happens that nature also does not work like that, hence why we live in a world, where many unique things exist, rather than things not existing at all. You also said this; "ANet is proclaiming that they're trying to make skills have a higher degree of consistency and simplification, it's frankly making their game harder to understand in the PvP formats." This streamlining is not making the game harder to understand. It's making it way easier for people to digest the game and its mechanics where "everything is number, and everything will behave the same way so we can quote "balance it."" and this is why people think its some kind of healthy thing for the game. But what it is doing, is inadvertently destroying the game in a non-trivial way, because stripping the game of unique behaviors and everything being numbers and all wrapped up in the same mechanic does not make things more interesting or end with more variety. Because people don't understand how diversity works, people don't realize until its too late, that this "streamline balance" is responsible for choking, killing the game in this non-trivial way. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we can't nerf boons here and there, i'm saying that this isn't gonna really solve this problem...rather it will trade one problem for another. It's exactly this kind of thinking that lead to this original problem in the first place...and really its just the same kind of plan Anet already has been implementing, they've just been doing it on all the other mechanics in the game except for boons (one of the reasons i call this by a colloquial name: Quickness/Alacrity economy, but might as well just call it "boon economy")
  12. Look let me paint the picture for you : Since the past two or so years, many people have been "embracing" Anet's idea of streamlining the game. Streamlining means, consolidating all the skills effects, in a way that simplifies them down into only one thing instead of 10 different things...like streamlining all target cap skills to be 5 or less...removing unique buffs into just boons, making mechanics and elements of the game, behave similarly for the sake of balance and cross class design consistency, designing the Elite Specs to follow the same generic design structure (DPS line on Top, Condi line Middle, Support line bottom etc...) and the list can go on. So now I present the following situation. You ask A-net about the design of a new elements that are put into the game, now in lue of knowing about their streamline procedure i described above. You see skills like this : https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Journey https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Inspiring_Imagery https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Singularity_Shot so the question is...should you be surprised that all of the skills would have nothing but boon granting effects? Well no you shouldn't be surprised...because the game has been for the past 2 years streamlining out of existence all the unique mechanics of the game for this streamlined experience. The answer to the next question becomes obvious...where do all the boons come from? They come the result of phasing out of existence, all the unique mechanics that these skills could have had. Another way to think about the same exact proposal. Lets say you just deleted every single boon corruption/boon removal from the game today. Would you still have a boon problem in the game? yes. The only way you would solve your boon problem is by getting rid of boons of the skills. If you had removed all the other unique mechanics in the game...then what else would skills do? They would just be damage or healing skills right? Congratulations you have successfully destroyed the game you might as well go play hamburger adventure mobile. In essence the solution here is the opposite of nerfing boons...its adding unique things to the game (so that skills can actually be designed with something OTHER than boon granting effects) and said unique things should add dimensions of counter play to other unique things. Btw I'm not disagreeing with everything you said. Like you said, skills and elements in the game in general should have the property that they should require thinking and planning. But thinking and planning are not truly solved by nerfing things or removing the element of counter-play to strategy, Spam reduction is induced as a result of non-linear dynamic tradeoffs...basically tradeoffs that are not static, and you as an autonomous agent must consider when activating a skill, for the purpose of performing a real-time evaluation of whether pressing the skill is going to benefit, or detriment you. Skills in guild wars 2 simply don't have this, making spam across all skills optimal. So its not specifically a boon related issue its bad design choice from gw2 launch issue. Anyway...so long as people subscribe to the idea of streamlining, your just gonna always have this boonspam. You buy what you pay for, and thats a very simple arrangment. If you dont want unique mechanics or counterplay, then enjoy the spamming of boons or stick wars 2. there's not much else to it.
  13. Duels are very fun. So I agree i would consider making it not leaderboard. But eh…it’s w.e. Would be nice for the game to be less toxic more friendly/honor related especially when it comes to duels.
  14. I don’t really share this sentiment. Not with stealth at least, cause stealth has counter play and is not an exploit. Invulnerability is also a game mechanic but it has no counter-play. but aside from those things which I think are nitpicks on specific mechanisms in the game, the philosophy at the games core is about options and exploring those options for users to find combinations that benefit them and serve their interests to defeat other players using their combinations that they explored. Which is why it’s important for options to exist, offering strategies and why these options need to be designed to also offer counter strategies so that no single strategy dominates the game state. Idealized balance is just a unicorn dream that doesn’t exist and is not attainable. There only strategies and counter strategies…the more the merrier and that is what eventually leads to balance. so with respect to stealth, if you find it as very oppressive then the answer is to present options to the player to counter stealth mechanics. Whether such options can exist depends on the mechanic and how it works. Invisibility fits pretty well into that framework but invulnerability does not. Like stated earlier there is no “counterstrategy” to invincibility. btw just a heads up I didn’t confuse emoji your post…There’s a lot of folks here that just spam the emoji on anything they don’t like. Just ignore it if you can. Your post was not bad at all. I just disagree with it. Cheers man.
  15. I’m gonna continue to play devils advocate here…but I don’t think messing with duration is the answer…not for guild wars 2. Cause for the most part…many buffs and effects already have a short duration. People just chain them together…so what your solution calls for is making buffs only last 1 - 2 seconds…at which point they will either not last long enough to even utilize with another skill, or they will just get stacked by other players if the buff is really that important…which leads to killing more build variety. By and large many buffs already sit between 1 - 8 seconds in WvW and pvp. we see this issue with might: any class that cant do might gen than a competitor is just discarded as a support character in groups. If nothing can stack the might the classes are doubled up. quickness and alacrity economy has made it a design tenet for the application of these boons to be permanent. It’s a problem. But the alternative is also a problem…nerfing the shiny toy isn’t going to make something pickable. And this now goes full circle to what I said earlier. You don’t deal with the boon issue in this game by nerfing it into uselessness…you deal with it by adding unique and imaginative mechanics…introducing counter strategies…fixing broken interactions into useable ones…. boon strip and boon removal is one such mechanic that solves the problem of boon spam! It’s not that hard to see how that actually solves the problem. Necromancers having boon strip made necromancers (and other boon removal classes) picked in WvW and it solves boon problem (in fact it gave the game interesting dynamics, and it creates a role for people to fill) …so now just do this procedure with other classes and their builds until every strategy has at least one useable counter strategy.
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