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Yes, another no valid path thread

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I know it's been worked on, and supposedly, we hope, is still being worked on, but it's been years.


Can we consider just making shadow steps operate like Spectral Walk's return, or Portal? Yes, it'll be a buff, but at least it will make them reliable, and not infuriating and seemingly inconsistent. It won't kill you when it doesn't work. It won't cost you a well-timed kill, and force you to have to run with 1-2 skills wasted after they fully heal in that window that the game fails you. It'll be a buff, but at least it will be working, and not requiring man-power to fix it.

The idea is simple. Instead of programmatically speaking, assuming the path is invalid and only allowing it IF it the test returns true, assume the path is valid first, and then prevent it if it is somewhere that it should not be possible to step to. i.e.

Instead of:

//test whether it is valid, and set pathIsValid accordingly
if (pathIsValid) { player.setPosition(new Position(x,y,z)); }

We have something along the lines of (for simplicity I left out range-checks since that's already working):

//assume it is valid
pathIsValid = true;
newPosition = new Position(x,y,z);
// Then look to see if the location is on object like a crate or hedge or rock etc, i.e. something specifically not intended to be walked up, like a ramp.
// If the new position is on such an object...
if (map.objectIsAt(newPosition)) {
objects = map.getObjectGroupAt(newPosition);
//// If the player is also on that or an adjoining object (whether you can do this already, e.g. objects grouped into an array, or not, Idk), allow the shadow step.
if (objects.contains(map.getObjectAt(player.getPosition()))) {
////// Allow the port!
else { /* Else, only allow the shadow step to go as close to the object as possible. /* }
// Else, if the new position is NOT on such an object...
else {
//// If the player is on such an object...
if (map.objectIsAt(player.getPosition)) {
////// Only allow the shadow step to go as close to the edge of that object as possible.
//// Else, allow the shadow step
else { player.setPosition(newPosition); }

Or hell, just make it entirely like portal with no checks other than making sure it doesn't exceed the range of the skill. Then it's guaranteed to work.

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    It's missing a couple of strings...of spaghetti

    Soon™ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Yea it's the most annoying thing ever. Especially since I still lose the initiative (thief main) on shortbow#5, steal and shadow return still go on cd and stuff, which leaves me even more vulnerable in a situation I'm probably already almost dead, like when trying to disengage. This is especially really annoying if it's just across a 5cm step like from the ring around a node or something which happens A LOT to me.

    Also this is just game breaking honestly, I can't even tell how often I've died because of this and how many teamfights and therefore entire matches have been lost because of that and I'm always really ashamed if that happens because it was my fault but in reality it wasn't actually.
    I honestly can't imagine it to be this hard to fix. Like just use a navmesh for sPvP maps or something, it's not highly advanced computer science stuff or anything.

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    Do not make it like spectral walk, that would be insane.
    However they very much need to fix this because the amount of times I died because of that is actually starting to kitten me off. You almost forget this game is out for more than 6 yeasr, it almost looks like this is alpha

  • Zexanima.7851Zexanima.7851 Member ✭✭✭

    "Its a feature"

    No longer playing the game due to PvP being abandon.

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