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Best DPS build for Weavers in Raids/Fractals

Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to decide what is the best gear route for me to go for Raid and Fractal content. I would also like to do PVP content as well and noticed that both PVP and some raid builds use Sword and another off hand weapon. Is there a build where I could utilize the Sword and another off hand weapon for both PVP and Raids/Fractals to avoid needing so much different gear?


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    I'm also open to Tempest builds as well if they are viable!

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    Best dps build for most raid and fractals is a sword/dagger weaver with full zerker gear. Some trait variations might apply to different fights.
    PvP does not consider gear stats, so as long as you have a weapon equiped (even if its a low lvl cheap weapon from a vendor) you will be fine in PvP. Pvp uses its own ammulet system for stats, that are available on the pvp tab. Keep in mind though, that despite using its own attribute system, you still need to wear armor (any quality or level) to get full defensive stats.

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    I'd suggest using websites like snowcrows and discretize for raids and fractals respectively.

    Pvp uses different gear system so you have nothing to worry about. Wvw however might be a bit tricky, but ele (weaver) has a lot of glass cannon builds so you can share gear between pve and wvw as well. Metabattle has decent builds for such.

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