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Probably the worst build you've ever looked at.

But whatever, I'm posting it anyway:
Dagger/Dagger, Fire, Water, Earth with heavy use of Conjuration. I'm using it in both open world PvE (Just walking around and Living World stories, no big deal) and sPvP. If you have any ideas how to make this a bit better, go ahead, but this came up while finding what's the most comfortable way for me to play Ele. I've tried Weaver, I love the mobility, but I guess I tend to think in more using skills to deal with situations than endless evasion and movement.
The main crux of this setup is to use Pyromancer's Puissance to build might, and build it, and build it. Conjures give access to more powerful skills while allowing completely free attunement to the rest. Fire for might building and extra power, water for a quick heal, air for mobility (if no Conjure in hand, mainly for Ride the Lightning) and Earth is pretty much just solely used for the interrupt on Dagger 4. It takes a little bit of inspiration from Cellofrag's weaver guide to get the stat layout in place.
(Jesus Celestial is a pain in the rear to craft. 30 Charged Quartz? Are you -kitten- me?)


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    Spvp wise, any hard cc and power burst can down you any time, no stunbreak either, and no protection except for armor of earth autoproc. Mobility skills but no swiftness, you'd better have a good team and an enemy that lets you freecast. Plus soothing disruption for only one active cantrip is kinda a waste imo.

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    Lots of thoughts on your build -- but the bottom line is experiment and find what works best for you. Don't be scared to experiment. Here's some points to consider (mostly from a PvP perspective):

    Ability to deal with condition spam is low
    You have diamond skin but it's honestly not so great. However you're taking fire and water which both offer some nice choices for condition removal. Burning Fire is automatic removal, but I would take Burning Precision because it's so good. That leaves Smothering Auras in Fire, Cleansing Wave in Water, and Cleansing Water in Water.
    You don't have a large amount of regeneration boon application, so maybe go with Cleansing Wave and Smothering Auras. This gives you condi removal every time you switch to Fire or Water attunements. It also removes a condition for any aura on your skills (Air 3 and water 4) plus another 2 removed if you detonate (which you should always do before the aura fully expires).
    If you go this route, consider taking focus otherwise you'll have no way to detonate your fire aura from attunement switch.

    Not enough stun-breaks
    Was mentioned by someone else. You have an automatic one in Earth but I'm surprised you didn't take Elemental Shielding to give protection on your auras (since you'll get one every time you switch to fire). Consider dropping fire cantrip for a different one which breaks stun. Also consider dropping one of your conjures (axe or shield). Your D/D skills are better anyway.

    Diamond Skins sucks - consider signets (which means dropping non-elite conjures)
    I mentioned this previously which means you could take Stone Heart or Written in Stone. I would try Written in Stone because it's pretty amazing. If you do, then drop your conjures for Fire Signet and maybe Air Signet (stun break + movement speed). The fire signet on 12s cool-down is freaking amazing. This means you can also use your heal signet whenever you want (instead of never using it). FGS I'd keep because it's pretty epic when you pop it in a fight (assuming you live long enough to use it to full potential).

    Grab Burning Precision
    I mentioned that Burning Fire could be dropped for Burning Precision. This would work nicely with fire signet (which increased crit chance). Even without fire signet, you already have 45% crit change which is good for applying burns with Burning Precision.

    Something like this:

    NOTE: This is not some kind a superior build. There are other better builds out there depending upon the exact role and your game mode (pve, pvp, wvw). Ele is so flexible you can do so much.

    EDIT: Sunspot is pretty amazing. You could play an interesting team build around it by dropping Earth for Tempest and then taking Powerful Aura in Water. Your entire team would get fire aura + regen + vigor + heal + condi removal every time you switch to fire.

  • Holy... I wasn't expecting solid advice on the game's forum but this is really good stuff. You're absolutely right, I overlooked stunbreaking and the amount of "passive" (auto-on-attune) condition cleanses I could have to replace Cleansing Fire. I'm gonna sit down tonight and try these adjustments, many thanks Juno!

    Old but gold. Good watch.

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    @Sottises.8034 said:
    Holy... I wasn't expecting solid advice on the game's forum but this is really good stuff.

    This is Elementalist community yo... we're the best :)

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