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Post Oct 2019 Patch Pvp Centric Balance Ideas

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I originally started brainstorming these ideas after the recent announcement of Swiss style tournaments. My plan was to do a complete post including every class. But after watching the mAT today I feel compelled to post what I have here today

Here are some suggestions that I truly believe will bring back the competitiveness & fun we lost in gw2 pvp



  • Fix or disable the trait that enables condi thief to be so cheesy
  • In the pvp match panel. Display the selected amulet, rune, and Profession (i.e. if core or using an expansion trait line display the correct icon) before a match starts.
  • Additionally I believe you should also display the icons of the 3 trait lines currently being used once a match starts. But some may say that's too much

Why display this information? To allow player skill and game knowledge to supersede cheese builds. Better players should now be able to effectively counter comp in matches given they are smart enough to know what counters what. More on this later



  • When picking maps players should now have two options. Left click to vote for a map, right click a map you don't want to play to ban it. The more bans a map has the less likely it is to be picked.

The way maps are picked for Ranked needs an update. It doesn't feel right at all, plus the randomness truly takes away from the competitive aspect of the game. Players will be much happier if they can choose a map to be banned (I'm not saying the majority vote should always win, but the map with the most bans should'nt be picked. It will become a lot less likely for 1 player to force 9 players to play on a map only he/she want's to play.



Currently there is an Overwatch style of class swapping that gives players with better setups a game breaking advantage and this advantage is being abused a lot. Obviously we all know this isn't Overwatch, the combat in gw2 has potential for more build adaptability, our profession system in pvp should represent this.

  • Instead of class swapping allow players to swap builds in a match
  • Build swapping is only allowed using build templates.

  • Players are required to lock in their preferred profession(s) before a match, and are stuck with said profession/class 45 seconds before the match starts. The last 45 seconds only allows build swapping.
    Helps cut down on constant time wasters. If you take the entire time to plan your strategy you better stick to it. Everyone waited for you.


Alternative 1

  • When you load into a map you click ready up to lock in your class & build
  • Players are locked into a class 20 seconds after loading in and 45 seconds before a match starts.
  • Players cannot swap builds unless they ready up 45 seconds or more before a match starts.


Alternative 2

  • Use a moba style loading screen. The match doesn't start counting down until the last person loads in

  • Use a buff/debuff to prevent build swapping in a match. When players have the buff they can swap builds using pre-saved build templates.

  • Players gain invul/build swapping buff while in their base before a match starts. Players can receive this buff once a match using a clickable skill (Similar to the clickable skill from Eternal Colesium)

  • They lose this buff once they ready up. They regain this invul once they respawn in a match. The players get the invul buff for a short duration while leaving their base. (To help regrouping and stopping snowball games)

  • Enemy players are no longer instantly killed when they get in your base.

  • Only allowed to swap amulet once while in a match is in play. After that only runes/sigils/utilities.
  • When you swap an utility you get a buff/icon making it known to enemy players that you swapped. But the buff doesn't tell which utility. (Promotes better reasoning in matches, if you owned a player with no condi clears chances are they will grab a condi clear. Now when we add in locked professions we can add more counterplay to gw2 pvp.
  • Notify players in the combat log when anyone swap builds. An idea for this would be to make the players icon visibly different to enemies while he has the build swapping buff

More Ideas:

  • Utilities can be swapped on the go out of combat, or in neutral territory. (The nearby point isn't owned by anyone)(See the ZONES section)

  • Utilities can be swapped ooc while capturing a point and on respawn in your base for 15 seconds

  • Utilities can be swapped ooc in hero panel while defeated (Get new utilities once respawned)



New feature that works in combination with the mount & build swapping....

  • Divide maps into 5 zones ( I will try to attach an example)
  • Each point now has a respective zone. Capturing a point gives you control over the zone.

  • The zones are:

  1. Your base (always owned by your team)
  2. Enemy base (Always owned by enemy)
  3. Home (Neutral at start of match)
  4. Mid (Neutral at start)
  5. Far (Neutral at start)


Potential effects of zone/point captures

  • When you capture a zone you can no longer use a mount and are de-mounted if until that zone is neutralized (or owned by an enemy)
  • Home base & Enemy base aren't affected by point captures. (You can still use your mount to leave base)
  • Gain access to a buff once you capture a zone. (slight damage reduction might work)
  • Gain access to a buff in enemy zones. (slight increase to damage, or movement speed)

  • 0.5 point every second awarded for winning mid

  • 1 point every second for holding enemies home node
  • 1.5 points per second for holding your home

  • Gain 2 points when you down an enemy in your own zone

  • Gain 3 points when you finish an enemy in your own zone

  • Gain 1 point on getting a down and 4 for a kill in neutral zones

  • Gain 3 points when you down an enemy in their zone

  • Gain 2 points when you finish an enemy in their zone

This should help limit snowballing & open up more counter play to it. Now you can regroup in a neutral territory


MOUNT (Still adding)

  • Add a pvp specific mount which can only be used in pvp maps ooc & in specific zones. It functions similarly to the Jackal mount. The major difference is that it has access to a blink skill (can be 15 seconds). This allows all players to join a fight an contest players on high ground (eg. dealing with a DeadEye who is free casting from highground)
    The horse/mount mechanic has become a staple in almost every video game with a non-fps oriented pvp

  • New mount: "Shadow Lion" or "Mist Lion"

  • A mount maned in the shadows that helps you traverse the mists..... (Potential skins: Flame Lion, Ice brood Lion)
  • Use this mount to balance out low mobility classes and make snowballing require more skill.
  • An idea for the evade skill is to add three evade bars that cleanse a movement imparing condition on dodge & give an evade frame.
  • Mount has around 4k health


  • pking.5324pking.5324 Member ✭✭
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    Did not mean to post this so early, still editing. :s

    Everything should be here now.
    Tmr I will be posting some suggested changes for Revenant's

  • Elxdark.9702Elxdark.9702 Member ✭✭✭

    poor soul still thinking anet will do any of these things KEKW

    just accept the reality the game will get worse and worse, nothing will stop it because Anet gave up it already long time ago.

    Trash NA thief HITZER

  • Stand The Wall.6987Stand The Wall.6987 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 6, 2019

    no. pvp really doesn't need mounts. they would kitten everything up, just like they did to wvw. not only that but the space available isn't big enough to justify a mount.

    Te lazla otstra.

  • Vancho.8750Vancho.8750 Member ✭✭✭

    For the mount part only for GvG 10v10 reworked stronghold large map. And the mount has to be llama that spits salty loogies.

  • Yet another clueless biased post! I've been playing condi thief long before it was meta and i didnt hear you complaining when all the other builds were op and you could delete thief regardless of what the thief was playing. Easy fix for all this toxicness and eliteism! Remove the leaderboard & seasons from ranked pvp make rewards available constantly and move all competitive gameplay to swiss and mAT. This will remove the fake im a good player i should be in this division. Then no one gets anything more than anyone else as even with losing you will still get the rewards from chests just at a slower rate. Any one that wants a title should play mAT and cry over how bad they are and cannot win because the top team beats them! Job DONE!

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