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Dynamic HUD - Requests

bravan.3876bravan.3876 Member ✭✭✭✭
edited December 3, 2019 in PVP

I really like the Dynamic HUD. But i would like to have few other things added to it in the future:

  1. Let use change (not only hide) the position of dmg numbers away from the hit targets so it will not overlap with the character models and the skill animations of enemies (give us 2-3 different positions on the screen we can move it to, i prefer more above the head of the char models)
  2. Give us some different options how conditions and boons get shown on targets and my own buffbar (like different orders, different priorisations, maybe let us choose between different colours we can link to specific boons/ condis). For example i would like to mark specific boons on targets which are more important for me to see than others by a different colour or a position right at start of the buffbar. I also would like to be able to mark boons get removed first when using a boonremove that doesn't have a special priorisation (like steal) but removes the last applied first. Or i want to get conditions shown/ marked which get removed first by conditionremove with the standard priorisation that the last applied condi gets removed first. Let us do this independent for enemies buffbars and for our own buffbar.

No clue how it can be done i am not a programmer but there should be a way to realize at least No. 1 in a short term?

Maybe other ppl have other or better ideas what to add to this new feature to make it even better and to personalize our UI even more in particular in PvP/WvW. If yes feel free to post them here!

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  • Avatar.3568Avatar.3568 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I agree, different boon colors would be a great addition, but letting it optional for each boon.

    For the second I have maybe a easy to do waY, that there is just a 1,2 or 3 that stands above or under the boon/condition for ranking them in the position.

    Both are in my opinion great ideas

  • bravan.3876bravan.3876 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Avatar.3568 Thumb up

    Add from me: I would like to be in general more free to move parts of the UI in different places not only dmg numbers (stuff like the hp/buffbar from targets, my own debuff and buffbar etc.) and not only hide or show them in/out fight. If coding doesn't allow that please at least find a way to change the position of dmg numberes in general, the current placement is stupid because hiding char models and animations from hit targets.

    What i read on reddit from other ppl:

    1. Add a "show on mouse-over" option for all categories
    2. Possibility to hide the tooltips on the skill bar. If the mouse glides across a skill, they don't pop up anymore.
    3. Temporarily show UI for notifications needs to be extended to party and raid chats. Currently is only shows hidden chat panel if you are being whispered (no clue about that not doing PvE)

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  • Might as well put this here - unless there's an official thread on the dynamic UI?

    Having tried it out, it's ....a start, but not particularly useful at the moment. It's just not granular enough. And you've made some weird choices like #1 below.
    My 2c:

    1. You called the mini-map setting ....."compass". Seriously? "Compass"? Why not "Compass/minimap" at least? There's room for it. Just "Compass" is just ...weird.

    2. You've lumped cheevos and story objectives into the same "Objectives" category. These should have been separate.

    3. There should be some option to control how many cheevos are displayed by default.

  • bravan.3876bravan.3876 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Zoltar MacRoth.7146 said:
    Might as well put this here - unless there's an official thread on the dynamic UI?

    I searched for one before open this thread but couldn't find one, that is why i created this one. Everyone can feel free to add his wishes/ thoughts to that, i mainly care for PvP relevant UI changes but there is no problem to add also PvE related things.

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