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Spike lags

Is it something wrong with my connection or arenanet servers because I'm not able to play properly wvw... Everytime I fight in big groups ping jumps from 70 to 1-2k...


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    The servers do feel a bit worse for me too. I'm in a T1 matchup, EBG is unplayable when there are more than 2 blobs on the map. Skills don't work or if they do, they activate 4-5 seconds later..

    Remove the cast time on impairing daggers.
    Fix lag in EU t1 matchups.
    Increase deco limit by +5.

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  • Large fights are well known to cause skill lag. However, you need to make sure this is not FPS lag. If it's not and it is skill lag, then you need to monitor your connection while in game and in fights and see where the lag is coming from, in most normal cases it is the anet hosting server that can't keep up, there is an issue with backend servers when it comes to dmg and boons (and we are in a boon meta) that causes the system to come to a crawl, which has been known for some time. It is either something that they can not fix very easy, or they don't care or have anyone on staff with the skill set to fix the issue.

    In any case, it has been a thing for years, so I would not expect it to ever be fixed at this point.

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    It's 100% not fps lag because my lowest fps in big fights is like 40-45. Today when I was running in 50man group I recognized that I also have lags like sometimes it jumps from 70 to 300-500. And when we clash other groups its insta 2k ping... sadly its unplayable for me and casting skills is impossible. I never had problems like this when I played this game in the past.

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    People above me are too nice, Just fix your kitten potato servers already...

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    Noticed it very badly when we last fought against a highly organized blob in an earlier match up. Not sure if it was just the more well timed strike of skills being fired all at once, or something specific they did, that other blobs don't do. Even in a two way fight, every time they engaged you'd be happy to fire off a single skill before the whole thing was over - usually with your side losing because they could just not do anything.

    Of course, servers are one thing. But at the same time it also needs to be ensured that there isn't some broken skill that causes excessive server processing power usage and such.

    It's definitely not FPS lag, I set up my game so that the FPS go low, but not unplayable low. Never checked, but I would assume the lowest I get is ~20 FPS in the biggest fights - while I'd not be able to cast anything at all for seconds, often not even firing autoattacks.
    Not to mention, at times it gets so bad, the other player's movements starts to lag out.

    Definitely feels worse than it was some time ago, when it would only start to give 2-3 second delays on skills whenever there was a massive three way battle happening.

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    The other day I finally experienced this WvW lag spike ppl complain about. Def not a fan of it.

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