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  1. Because the Surface Pro X is an ARM based tablet, not a x86 based PC.
  2. This is why you use Sniff when going into a camp, this should be a default action to make sure you are not running into a trap, matter of fact, I have video showing a DH setting a trap in a camp that I detect because of Sniff. These are basics, it's called being aware. Don't have sniff yet? Look around....It's really not that hard. Here is another example of how easy it is to evade a full trapper builds whole burst. I save a stunbreak and a dodge, even though I am in a 2vs1, they stack traps and pull me with F1, I let myself be pulled in to trigger the traps
  3. Just because people point out that an idea is bad doesn't mean they don't comprehend the topic at hand. It means they don't like the idea and are presenting the issues with such a system, including that jail systems in other games are often hated by the majority of the player base.
  4. Yeah, we understood what you meant, there is no confusion.....No.
  5. No. You don't get to remove/block me from a map because you think what I am doing doesn't matter and you want your ktrain blob to come help. All this does is further serve to make people stack, because in a system like this guilds could queue the maps and never have to actually "leave" and have to requeue, as they would be exchanging people from one queued map to another while everyone else is left in a stagnate queue. No offense, but this and the "prisoners" suggestions, are you just looking for ways to make stacking the only viable way to play WvW? This su
  6. Source? As someone who does not like the addition of the warclaw and have been involved in most threads about it, one of the MAIN points about how it was breaking WvW was because it allowed people to come back to fast, not that it took to much time. Also the added speed in owned areas also made it impossible to get a fight and added WAY to much mobility to the side that already owned everything. This was the most complained about issue for those who didn't like warclaw and because of that it was nerfed.
  7. Soaring devastation doesn't need 1,200 range, I think the range is fine as is, if anything I think it should keep the 25% speed passive even after you use it's active. This helps not be so dependent on trapper runes super speed, which lets all admit is a huge reason DH runs them and sure, it's no where near super speed mobility but gives an option outside of running trapper runes. Dulled Senses...I don't see a reason to make DH even more spiky in dmg with being more dependent on trait bonuses, you already have to stack almost all of them to get a few second window to burst, and the
  8. You don't stunbreak dragons maw after it's hit, if you get hit by the trap and don't have stab or some kind of port etc, don't waste your stunbreak, you will need to wait it out. The best time to use it is when the DH tethers you with F1 to wait for the pull into DM and AS SOON as you see it trigger, stunbreak and dodge, you have to be HIT by the trap to get trapped, if you do it this way you trigger the DHs trap and it's main burst/lockdown and took no dmg while doing it. As for the druid root, they are pulsing, if you cleanse you have to DODGE as soon as you do or the next pulse
  9. You could already bind the templates to hot keys which are instant, adding buttons doesn't make it any faster than instant, so why is it now an issue? Other points to note, Anet made Deltaconnected (arcdps creator) add area and time restrictions on his template add on, which is funny that when Anet came out with their version, not only did they force them to drop their template addon for GW2, but they also didn't follow the same rules they made them follow. Not only that, but his version was free and unlimited in builds etc, while anets version is outrageously expensive for a singl
  10. As someone who used to be on Mag and now on AR, I can agree with this.
  11. If a skill is used, but is blocked, evaded, blinded etc etc it should reveal the player. When a player in stealth takes dmg, dmg floaters should still show, having to keep my chat window on combat so I can see strikes doesn't make sense, there is no reason for this to be hidden just because someone is in stealth.
  12. If hotdogs are considered Sandwiches or Tacos.
  13. Seeing as you already don't know that all "friendlies" are already not from your server, you won't notice anything. The people you see online are already a mix of at least two servers, the host and the link. Next time you get on, bring up the matchup menu, and hover your mouse over the server names in the matchup, it will show "host server name" + "link server name", and this can be more than one link server as well. And you could very well be facing those same players next relink if they get linked to a different server.
  14. Glad to see the extra effort in communications about updates/changes. Dark mode options are always appreciated.
  15. +1 Honestly there should be events every other weekend at least, and I don't mean just no DS, but SOME kind of events to get people to try out WvW, along with some short term change to keep things interesting for current players.
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