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Open world weaver build

Hi can you recommend me some open world builds for weaver
I run full berserker and I really feel the squishiness of the profession
Also, I would appreciate it if the gears are attainable from the TP thanks and I also like to do power damage instead of condition damage thanks


  • nekomancey.4791nekomancey.4791 Member
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    Running marauders will let you survive long enough to burst down more things. You lose a tiny bit of damage. The regular open world Sw/d build on metabattle works very well with marauder vitality+weaver vit bonus. Still need to learn the mechanics well as it'll let you absorb maybe 2 more hits, but considering weaver burst, that often is the difference between surviving an encounter and death.

    A lot of survivability comes from hitting your defensive skills at the right times, dont neglect earth and water. Plus water/fire dual skill is really good.

    Remember glyph of storms in earth is 10 seconds of basically being invincible. Pop the magnetic aura to be immune to ranged hits from far away as well.

    I find Sc/w tempest better (well easier) for most open world/solo as you can just round up a huge group and blast them, and its easy to maintain 25 might (dragon tooth onto wildfire then phoenix, follow with dragon tooth before and after fire overload, heat sync, then swap to earth to sand squall to increase the duration). In skilled hands I'm sure weaver is just as good, but I have a ways to go to get there :)

  • I only just started playing weaver not long ago but I think I have mastered weaver to a point where I am using full zerker and I don’t die much now. I go full power sword/dagger with fire131/air121/weaver121

    Weaver is a lot of fun so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do

  • Dayra.7405Dayra.7405 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Hm, Ele is always a bit shaky and you have to like kamikaze a bit :)
    I use some Wup-Wup (e.g. some of ascended amu/back-pack/trinket/rings from laurel-merchant/LS3 map currencies/guild-missions/fractals as Bersi, some as wup-wup, mix depending on situation) together with berserker armor/weapons to reduce shakiness, and I have a staff as an alternative (beside normal S/D or D/D) weapon for situations with many range-enemies.

  • I usually run marauder with pack runes, some zerker and assasin rings/trinkets, fire/air/weaver or fire/water/weaver depending on mood. Sword/Dagger. Switching to staff when range is needed. Depending on circumstances, 60-80 crit chance is kind of nice.

    Works 90% of the time. The last 10% is when I switch to tempest, diviner armor with radiance runes. So much boon uptime it is hilarious.

    I also have one build I only use when doing Claw of Jormag. I am just standing there, popping auras and healing people. Not much damage, but kind of fun.

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    Sword Weaver can run hybrid, so you may as well try to take advantage of that. Too many ele builds revolve around champing fire.... and honestly its getting incredibly underwhelming.

    I run a marshals/crusader build made for WvW dueling, but reworked into a Melee build that runs like the old D/D Cele Ele from way back when. You're still semi-glassy against very heavy hitters, but it can go Solo melee on champs without being forced to kite 24/7.

    The runes and elite skills are pretty flexible overall.... but you always want to keep Signet of Restoration (stable healing), Twist of Fate (stunbreak and evade when immob), and will probably never change Primordial stance due to ease of use. Any of the elites are good option to tailor to situations. Weave self lets you unload skills rapidly, FGS gives you a range option in fights with too much PBAoE, and Elemental (Earth) if you need something to tank for you.