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  1. I just stick with Exotics, works the same for me. I only own 1 legendary and probably will never make more because of how grindy they are to get materials and gold for. I play by myself, nobody else to help much so I just don't bother taking on fractals/raids where the higher tier gear/weapons can drop from. I get what I need to play the game without it being exhausting, and I have completed all story with all exotics. Though the legendary in gem store option would probably be very expensive, and probably not worth it compared to making one yourself. I still think a lot of their skins are too
  2. Yes, unlocked it just after the March 15th patch. I'm a "mount collector" in MMOs so I had to get it to complete the set. I use it during some fights and for CC in serious situations. Other than that I run around with it squishing mobs and messing around basically. It's buggy though, I still get booted off the mount once in a while if I try to use the Slam attack from high up in the air. I'm not sure how to reproduce this, it just happens sometimes and it's very annoying. Sometimes it'll glitch with another rider in the back and freeze up all animations until the Slam cooldown is over.
  3. Even with 5 minutes it could still fail, it just allows a bit more room for error. This meta isn't for the "average" player, it truly is built more for those who know what they're doing and have the appropriate skill to attempt it. That's entirely up to Anet to make these kinds of challenges, and this meta is incredibly fun, but failing constantly turns a lot of players away and burns them out after attempting it so many times.
  4. This event still has a huge fail rate (I'd say about 90% chance to fail even with an organized squad), and you can almost always tell if it's a fail in the first 5 minutes of the fight. It has a lot to do with the DPS getting into the green phase as fast as possible at the beginning, and doing every single mechanic correctly and on time. Regular groups probably will not succeed unless they get a lucky run. My only 2 wins on this meta were back-to-back, the 1st group was everything I said it needs, and it felt like a win the entire run. We had 6 minutes to spare. The 2nd time I thou
  5. One, no idea why people have multiples other than to take advantage of the game.
  6. Just a few bugs I wanted to post that I noticed, not sure if others have already as I searched but couldn't find the ones I'm experiencing. Turtle Bugs: 1. Sometimes when hitting the jump button continuously on the turtle (sometimes messing around, and while preparing to use the slam attack) it will boot me off the turtle thinking I'm using the Glider. 2. When using the slam attack near max height after getting the mastery to extend the blaster height, the turtle will once in a while get stuck in the slam animation mid-air and bug out/kick me off the turtle. No clue why i
  7. The main Zipline in Arborstone lags BADLY usually on the first use when porting into the map. It'll skip 1-2 seconds for me every time.
  8. One thing DE is great for is mastery experience, I'll probably hang out in there for a while to fill up everything. Great place to fish too. 😛
  9. I'm looking to complete the strike, it's the final thing I need to do for the turtle but I can't find anyone doing it in LFG or anyone willing to help me get a group together. I'm really shy too, so I don't want to command a strike I'm unfamiliar with. I'm on NA side if that helps. Thanks!
  10. No, it did however feel like they were trying to push people away from solo play and start trying to work together instead of having this "me me me" attitude about getting your cut of the game's pie. It backfired because clearly a big chunk of the community hasn't yet learned how to cooperate with others to achieve goals together. Which is fine in some cases, it could take time and not every player wants to play alongside others except for events and achievements (such as the Turtle). Anet should try to address this, perhaps put together some really nice inspirational community mov
  11. Just Soo-Won is "Dark Souls" difficulty lol, everything else isn't nearly as bad as people are saying. We've played through 2 other expansions, and lots of Living World story, so none of that stuff is a surprise.
  12. It's only 1 strike mission. If you played through the Icebrood Saga, then you'll know they aren't half bad. You just need a squad of people who roughly know what they're doing and don't stand in hit boxes lol.
  13. This is actually a re-occurring problem for a lot of metas, not just the one in DE. You spend 1-2 hours in the map for rewards only worth about 15-30 mins of that time. It's not just metas though, even things like world boss runs for the most part drop trash and unidentified armor items. Some of them give 1-2g max with a handful having a chance at ascended drops, or even an eye infusion from Dragonstorm if you're really lucky. I think overall some of the rewards need to be worked over again and maybe add some new things for players to have better incentives to wan to keep revisiting old maps,
  14. I have no idea why some are acting so "surprised" at this outcome either. We knew it was coming to this.
  15. There was? O.o Either I don't pay attention, or I don't care enough lol, where was it and what was the quote? I did notice the upswing in cursing in EoD, but thought it was appropriate given this game really isn't for anyone under 16.
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