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  1. Beast Tamer: Your mount engage skill no longer dismounts and has a 30 second cooldown. High Horse: When you talk to NPCs or open chests you no longer dismount.
  2. Hot: Huge and green PoF: Purple and sand EoD: Mini game on a boat
  3. Wait, so two people can use this chair? o.O
  4. I have the same problem but now it has gotten worse. My computer now won't even restart and gets stuck on restarting screen. Had to hold down the power button. This has already happened twice.
  5. Yeah I thought about installing the app but except I can't even log into my Anet account because it stops me at the SMS authentication, which I cannot receive. In a way, yes, because neither the game or the browser seems to be sending me any texts. Yesterday, the texts reached me just fine. Shortly after my last login, my modem got reset and every time it does that I'd have to click "remember network" again. I think that has something to do with the game asking me for authentication. But yeah, when I tried to log in today it's not sending me anything.
  6. I registered my phone number for SMS authentication and it's been working fine until today. I haven't received any SMS from either the game or Anet when logging into my account on the browser. I tried resetting my wifi and restarting my phone several times to no avail. Has anyone had this happen? How did you solve it? I've already submitted a ticket but am not sure when I'd get a reply.
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