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  1. Not sure how mech isn't disabled in PvP yet.
  2. Flat out misinformation. In GW2 a power herald can sit on Guardian and it will kill it in 2 minutes for sure (1v1). You can sit on healer in WoW for 15 mins and you probably die to it lmao. Soraka in lol you can literally build tank items on her (spirit visage) and it becomes tanky but still heals a lot because soraka is broken.
  3. "CC bot" that puts every condi in the game on you and 25 stacks of vun in 3 seconds yes. Mesmer is not in a good spot but Mirage is.
  4. Nah just add Lich Form as third option on land lol
  5. Misha was playing mesmer today on stream and yesterday in AT. Due to meta changes in EoD Domi Mirage is stronger than before. And it is a strong ranked build, always was. Just remember you are not a duelist on that build even if you can outplay sidenoders and kill them its better value to roam and you have one of the deadliest pluses in the game.
  6. Reaper has more in common with DK but Rev has the armor skins more similar to what DK would have.
  7. You actually agree with me. I am trying to disprove the claim you quoted. Specter isn't support it is hybrid.
  8. Because PvE is bad in this game in its core design and easy. Anything you achieve in PvE is nothing compared to winning PvP lan events in the past in terms of difficulty. Or lets say winning monthly Automated Tournament vs a raid Challenge mode is a complete joke comparison. PvE balance is also very easy, PvP balance is complex. Every class is meta in PvE. Some professions are not meta in PvP (atm Ranger, Mesmer, Warrior, arguably ele depends how strict you are with definition of meta). There is literally nothing to talk about in terms of PvE meta for mesmer. Virtuoso is does insan
  9. Why are you comparing specter mobility to other thief specs the most mobile profession lmao. Claim is specter needs to be tanky because its a support and not mobile.
  10. Specter and Daredevil are literally S+ tier builds and being worse than them doesn't mean build isn't strong. Herald is comparable to Willbender but probably still better slightly due to better burst. Condi mirage (assuming mantra, domi build) actually loses to Willbender because it has such good cleanse (according to Naru). Holo im guessing ur comparing it to nades im not sure how good it still is. You can easily play WB it in AT and do fine. And for like actual tournaments you don't really play them and not strong enough of a player to do so. Not sure why you care.
  11. Core necro did well in ranked and AT not sure what ATs you have been watching. There isn't 100 good players playing this game. Let alone a specific build.
  12. No that is actually not how it is done. Strength of build is defined by the strongest players vs strongest players.
  13. It is not played as support spec, best builds are marauder and carrion amulets, 0 healing power. Now if you think specter should be full support with damage of other support specs that is just gonna be terrible. Spec with insane mobility should not be overly tanky no matter the role.
  14. Yeah man don't listen to best players what is good listen to gold players on forums they know so much more about the game.
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