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  1. We definitly agree on something here. Maybe it could be a solution to change a bit the casting / gameplay so it's less elitist and add a new pvp mode focused more on fights without this rotation from conquest. Make spells effects more identifiable would be a start ? For example on WoW i can tell the name of every spell a mage is casting, it's not the same for those Ele on GW2. There is also some gameplay mechanics from gw2 that i love, for example to interrupt a nec heal as a thief with Steal but in this case the spell animation is pretty identifiable, if more spells wo
  2. Do you think it would be a lot more work than trying to balancing every builds/spec years after years ? That's the kind of question i would like Anet to answer.
  3. Well that's the perfect question, will allow me to develop my point. For me, PvP is dead if there is no people to watch it on stream, no real competitions with real money involved. The question is why are they so focused on balance when it's not the real problem, the actual game mode does not work in term of twitch views and "life" around the game, even if they balance it perfectly, there wont be a big living community around it because gamers don't like it (if they liked it, there would be a lot of streamers etc..).
  4. Build changes wont push the game back to the e-sport scene, it did nothing for the past 8years, why should it now ? Plus i specified we are not really talking about balance here but something more.
  5. I see your point but my logic is different, what i meant is : Being honest could kill a big part of PvP community, by telling the truth you will push to the exit those who stay on gw2 hoping for better PvP days. <= i think that's a logical and charitable interpretation based more on a business pov than "wanting to do something great". By watching every updates since the beginning, real changes or rather additions are very fews, that's why i came to this conclusion.
  6. Just Why ? They have like 10 000 ideas from community to make this game mode better but they did none of them, updates after updates it's the same thing, just changing metas so the gameplay is a bit different. So the question is why can't they make some good pvp ? At least to give us a new mode to change from the one we got since release with new (let's be honest, pretty boring) maps. Where is the problem ? - Do they lack of PvP devs ? (if yes why did they stop that development part) - Is this about money ? Market and Pve (to have a reason to pla
  7. I'm wondering why e-sport left this game like it was the plague itself if pvp is so good ?
  8. Then it will still be a bad pvp game, Anet just gave up long time ago.
  9. If power build are not meta, then it's gonna be a another useless update for PvP, i didn't vote because i have 0 hope for next update, hope i'm wrong.
  10. Hey everyone, Do you guys know how much Notarized scrolls i should use to unlock all HP from Core Gw2, Magumma and Desert expac? Thanks in advance, Cheers
  11. When you see that build, you understand how much anet are bad at making pvp, i never saw something so stupid in every other mmo.
  12. I've been playing gw2 for a while now, i was gold3, i never really did better, i think it's because i find the gameplay bad and very frustrating, i am trying to improve but i just don't get it, i don't like the way the character is moving, i don't like the way the targeting is made, i don't like how much of a mess this is on the battlefield with all those aoe, i would like the dodge to be "rewarding", when i enter the mid fight it feels like i am randomly dodging some spell wich just paint my screen with all those effects , the pop is low for a reason : gw2 does not please mmo-pvp-gamers, the
  13. I can feel your pain. She's getting the candles out! I might have to start playing WoW (Bork)Don't get even close of that sofa if you don't want to be doomed PS : Wow is too expensive for what it is
  14. Server: Place de VizunahLocation: FranceLocation in-game: PvP Lobby I face it with all my char (all located to pvp lobby).
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