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  1. This was different because you could actually salvage them, they just wouldn't give anything in return. So it would consume the item, but give no research notes. Imagine it's one of the reasons they've disabled the kit.
  2. Yeah maybe not. I've never had to buy a booster and I have hundreds in my bank still from all the free ones we get.
  3. To my understanding this item is only needed for the collection yet it continues to be available from heart vendors after you've purchased it once (unlike other collection items). Unfortunately I wasted 100 Imperial Favors thinking each heart vendor was selling a different one, but it was just a duplicate.
  4. I can use a Research Kit on my Winterberry Pie and it removes one of the pies, but no reagents are returned. Think it's a bug that you can even salvage it with that kit.
  5. I wouldn't be upset if they removed it (and compensated in loot of course) as it's just a hassle having to track all of your boosts. They need it to sell boosts, though, which is okay. Personally I don't mind this cap at all. Means I won't have to do Silverwastes just to open some boxes.
  6. Some good stuff here. Especially happy to see that Vindicator will no longer automatically switch between utilities. I might actually play it now. A bit sad to see no reduction in the effect on Specter wells as it is very bright and it's difficult enough to see enemy circles as it is.
  7. After playing 2v2 for a few days I would definitely agree that lich form needs a nerf, but to be honest I haven't had much trouble with it after I simply started bursting the necro when he goes into the form. That way he has to drop out of it again after just a few seconds. Necros are still my most hated class to go up against, though, and that's mainly because of their two health bars. I feel like they're simply able to build life force waaay too fast. It takes a long time to get through their shroud and then you get to take maybe 30-40% of their health before they seem to have almost a full life force bar again. You end up having to "kill" them multiple times and most matches I play against necros seem to go into overtime because of this.
  8. I really, really hope they decide to keep it as a permanent mode (don't remove 5v5 of course). I returned to the game for this and it's the most fun I've had in the game in a long, long time. I even managed to get my boyfriend to play as well. It feels so much better when it's not a clusterfuck of 10 people standing on each other having to guard some boring points that favour the bunkers.
  9. This looks really cool! I especially like the changes to elementals. That'll be fun. I must say, though, that I'm a bit disappointed that all the grandmaster traits in corruption are based upon Invoke Corruption. I feel like there should always be an option for playing something else.I'm also excited to see if explosives will actually be of any use now. Doesn't look like it, but it's hard to judge just from patch notes :)
  10. Sure, VG is pretty easy as he's the first boss most people encounter, but once you get past the first 3-4 bosses it's nearly impossible to get into a raid without being one of the few acceptable specs and the main barrier quickly becomes DPS, not peoples ability to react to mechanics. I personally see it is a huge problem when the sole focus is how to maximize DPS. Guild Wars 2 has some of the most unique utility abilities I've seen in an MMO. This should allow for some really cool mechanics, but so far I haven't seen anything that isn't extremely basic.It might be that it changes with some of the later bosses, but I haven't been able to do those as my guild didn't want to attempt them for lack of DPS in our regular group. Focus should always been on learning the fight, so that you can do better and better every attempt. Unfortunately right now it's on learning a ludicrously long rotation on one of a only a handful of acceptable specs.
  11. This sounds really good. I'm hoping the secret content is another expansion as we desperately need some new class, race or specialisations. In regards to raids I think the main issue is that all the bosses seem to be a pure DPS race and the way to do enough DPS is to memorise a 20-40 step rotation.i know that's what pushed me away from raids despiterreally wanting to experience them. The mechanics for the bosses that I've attempted are very simple. Vanilla WoW level simple and the only thing that held my guild back from progressing was the lack of DPS. I think if you want raids to appeal to a broader audience you need to focus more on mechanics and less on enrage timers and DPS races. This will allow it to not be exclusively for those that can devote such a long rotation to muscle memory and it will allow for more classes and specialisations to join.When it's a requirement to have a banner slave, chrono tank, druid healer, alacrity and quickness spammers if you want to progress at all that doesn't leave room for most people to play what they want.Obviously it shouldn't be a cake walk, raidsshould still be for the people who put effort in, but the current DPS requirements are ridiculous and excludes most classes and players.
  12. Count me in as disappointed in losing fall damage reduction as well. Sure it might not be a go-to trait, but it has it's uses when doing various things. Jumping puzzles and WvW being the major ones.It's cool that you're optimising the traits for future updates, but I feel like the damage reduction should still be available somehow. Possibly as a mastery?
  13. I'm not a fan. Not only do you have to choose both equipment and build instead of being able to combine for one keybind to switch, but you also have to unlock extra per character instead of account-wide. You now have to manually switch build when you enter PvP and you have to sacrifice a build slot for it and WvW. Legendary gear also feels useless and maybe even slightly worse, as you can't have separate transmutes on them.This would also have been a great opportunity for getting more alts played as you could have made equipment builds account-wide if they're ascended/legendary gear. Having to move all my gear through the bank every time I feel like playing an alt just makes me lose interest in playing them, so I get bored of the game.
  14. The idea is nice, but I don't like the execution. I wish that build and gear was one thing and I hate that PvP build is now part of that system so you have to spend a slot on it. I preferred when I had a separate PvP one that automatically switched when I entered PvP.
  15. If we could have the rampart heavy armour set back in the story I would be very happy! It hasn't been there since May :(The Phalanx set would also be amazing!
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