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  1. It's quite easy to guess what happened. Anet saw all the people swiping their credit card to get gen3 legendaries and realized they can milk more by making " won’t have to worry about spending tons of resources" into a grind. I'm sure they'll address this issue right after they fix legendary armor effects to match what they promised on stream :) By the way, this forum is amazing. Imagine having a post editor where arrow keys work. Nah XD
  2. Focus pull is fine. Go complain about GS 5 on necro instead of necro-ing this thread. sprays cats with garden hose
  3. Bandit champs are outdated seasonal filler content designed for 50 people fights with some of the most annoying mechanics in the game (cripple spam, condi spam, visual spam, unblockable lifesteal, instagibs). And since they come from the LWS3 age, which was when anet thought every mob should be a HP sponge vet with 15k attacks (cough Bloodstone Fen cough Lake Doric cough), it's obvious people attempting them in 2022 will get rekt. Fighting bad design is hard.
  4. Right now when I want to go to character select, I have to press escape, log out, character select. How about a keybind instead? You know, so we don't have to play pixel hunting trying to avoid that "exit to desktop" button.
  5. Hallucinations (the large walking ones with black AoE of instant death) are invisible half of the time. Highlights from today include: Whole squad getting insta wiped out of nowhere , 1s later hallucination spawns on the corpses Me seeing 1 hallucination, moving away to not get steamrolled, at the same moment a 2nd one renders on top of me and I die Valve fix pls
  6. Okay, I get it now. His VA changes depending on the instance. SNEAKY. But y tho
  7. fyi: cleared it 3 times, you can stop typing your hot take ☑️ Overlapping AoE spam ☑️ Black fields of instant death on black background ☑️ Add spam so you can't even see the boss' nameplate ☑️ Gravity pull that has no counterplay other than "hold W" ☑️ 12 different kinds of melee hate Current flavor of content be like
  8. I knew Ankka CM was going to be a clownfiesta with the absolute garbo arena design that we have going on in that map (seriously, what's up with DARK? Can we have less DARK?), but it somehow managed to turn out worse than I expected. Can't wait for HT CM where black coloured mob models 10x the size of your character cover the entire arena so you can't see when to jump/dodge (it's already an issue in the last phase on normal)
  9. Why would you pip down in 2022 lmao and yeah anet's "afk detection" is garbage, as seen by botters botting everywhere
  10. Then maybe stop capturing mouse to primary monitor when the window isn't focused??? Because mother of dog, it's annoying as HECK Also maybe stop playing sound when the window isn't focused??? (yes, I'm aware of "mute gw2 when in background", it doesn't work.) Or how about let me minimize the game with windows + m and have it stay minimized??? instead of the game popping up every time I switch windows in front of it? Is respecting system UX patterns really so much to ask for?
  11. >New World The game that got destroyed by 20 different dupe exploits and 40 combat exploits in the first month? XD >anticheat Yeah, I sure as hell want to run blackbox kernelmode spyware because serverside checks are so 2004. Get a grip. Besides, anet already has a history of trying to ship spyware with the client and failing spectacularly.
  12. Judging by how strikes turned out at least 6 magintudes less toxic than raids, I'd say they succeeded. /thread
  13. No, I want to move on to new stuff that metalords haven't solved yet. Everything in this game loses its novelty in 2 weeks after a meta strategy for any given thing is established and you have to follow it or are told to GTFO. Adding more busywork to content everyone already has on braindead mode just prolongs the suffering. I recently did... what was that, Juggernaut collection(?) for shiny ooze gizmo and it was the absolute worst experience since HoT adventures.
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