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  1. A major part of the open world pvp fun is that you are progressing in both pve with the extra spice of pvp. For example, I can do the icebrood saga (or PoF or HoT or any other) story quests and activities while seeing a guy whose xmog I don't like so yeah, he pays for that (or maybe I do if he's better than me). An extra wvw map won't have that. Also Wvw has a map limits on the # of players. While Anet could go "battle royale" style open world pvp, it would be more interesting to be able to form parties, etc... and work together with others to kill others. The whole process would be more in
  2. I took a 6 year gw2 break. The game changed significantly in the interim and I did run into some glitches with my crafting professions on 1 character and support was not that useful but eventually they fixed things. I had an unreal amount of mail when I came back. I missed all of living world season 1 and would have liked to have seen Lions arch getting nuked. I don't really like Lions Arch Sea World look.
  3. Stacking is a necessity due to how cleanse, healing and boons work in this game. Targeting a specific friendly is impractical as there is no ability to target specific party members from the party frames and cast on that individual. As a result everything is AOE cleanse/heal/boon and this will always force individuals to stack instead of spread out for their own optimal positioning.
  4. For a brand new player PoF is much easier to navigate, but by the time you're in the position to craft legendaries I doubt you're still a "new player" and you have everything you need from PoF/LW4 to make farming HoT easy. It feels like the metas you need to farm and repeatedly grind are more active in HoT than PoF.
  5. Solo Open world, Power Reaper Minion build is best imo. you kill mobs twice as fast with a great aoe, burst, decent defense and cleanse and very easy rotation. Scourge is better suited for long fights and it's ranged dps style, flexibility, always accessible utility translates into being more group friendly and survivable.
  6. Really isn't a difference between the "continue as normal" and "monetize dlc with unrealistic times schedules" Anet offers lw and xpacs regularly enough, and you pay for those, but when you start throwing in unrealistic time frames you just end up with bad quality products. MMO genre isn't as profitable as other game types, but it's still profitable.
  7. Name a mmo that doesn't require multiple 3rd party wikis to help players. And then name another mmo that has built in game functionality for searching an external wiki site. I certainly spent a lot more time on wowhead as a new wow player than I ever did on gw2 wiki as a new gw2 player While currencies are very numerous, they aren't complicated. Basically, each activity/zone/dungeon/instance that has rewards or loot drops or special vendors also rewards currency when you participate in it. If you don't get a piece of gear from RNG, you can eventually buy it. Crafting is not complicated wi
  8. tl;dr: Big Whoop. It's just a mount skin. Instead of complaining like some Karen about how other people got stuff and I didn't, I think anet is absolutely cool for offering anything to any players when they had absolutely no moral or legal obligation to do so. I don't believe the people complaining about not getting something because they chose not to log in didn't find something else to fill those hours with something that wasn't as entertaining and/or productive as playing gw2. Their lives haven't been diminished in the slightest by this little blip. And they have lost nothing by not getting
  9. We are perfect. We do no wrong. No matter what we do, no matter how many intelligent creatures we murder, everything comes out smelling roses and tomorrow is always a better day because of it. We are Mary Sue's. And it sucks. And it's not just GW2 that's like that. I loved it when Joko ripped into me for being stupid and bringing the world closer to it's destruction. I respected Braham for telling me to go to hell even though he sounded like a whiney brat doing it. this game needs more of that.
  10. I thought the core personal story to be meh at best and often tedious. It felt like it was created to serve the purpose of guiding a new player through the game basics and a minimal amount of effort went into it. Whereas the stories for Path of Fire and LW4 were decent. Stories for HoT and the other lw's were better than the personal story by varying degrees
  11. The "Free to play" business model supported by micro transactions has shown itself to be significantly more profitable than any kind of business model using subscriptions. The 2 business models aren't close in profitability in any way. It doesn't matter if you can spin a subscription as being beneficial to players because Anet and NCSoft aren't charities.
  12. Not very good at PVP. You don't have to be good or even below-average at pvp. It's a group activity. Find a commander tag, join his squad and follow the crowd. Until you get the warclaw you'll be bringing up the rear constantly but its all OK as long as you try your best. Whatever sins of pvp-incompetence you commit will be overlooked by the group so long as you are following the group and doing what its doing.
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