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  1. The weapons are account bound and could be transferred to a new char anytime in the future, which gives them a great value. However, if you happen to visit the NPC with you engineer you only have the choice between pistol and rifle while a warrior could chose between sword, axe, greatsword, hammer, longbow, mace and rifle. I think the chest should include a selection with all weapons with maybe a warning dialog when you select a weapon that is not usable by your current class. All in all I think the sword has the greatest value since it is usable by the most classes (by
  2. Same here. https://imgur.com/a/Jdv2c8F Also: Not really a but but just not implemented I guess: Will you bring back multi screen / ultra wide support with DX11? So that when you use 3 monitors as one (NVIDIA Surround / AMD Eyefinity) that the HUD elements are centered on the middle one? Niche case I guess but without, ultra wide isn't really playable.
  3. Haven't looked into all screenshots here but only issue I've had so far are some colorful rocks: https://imgur.com/a/JeNQE4z
  4. When we had the community election between Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade for the seat in the Captain's Council in 2013 it really divided the community but in a very fun way. There was so much motivation in the game to collect support tokens for the respective favorite candidate and also the Representation Buttons where a really cool idea. Why not bring back the election during every Festival of the Four Winds and let us vote for the candidate that gets the sear until the next festival! I think it would add a lot of hype for upcoming elections, create huge community elect
  5. Just a minor visual thing, but I think the blight tooltip info could be improved: * Move the minus from "-2% Health" in the next line * Add a plus before "1% (Condition) Damage" to be more clear https://imgur.com/a/GLPn5kP
  6. - Willbenders Heal does not block or heal when used against a CC, I think also CC skills should be blocked. - If Aegis is active during the heal maybe prioritize the heal block so that the greater heal is triggered an aegis remains.
  7. This thread is quiet old but if anyone comes here via google (like me) and wonders: This is the Mastery Point that is available in the Dragons Response Mission in Snowden Drifts (reachable via the Eye of North portal).
  8. Well in my opinion "Escape the mists on your Raptor" was far away from being a jumping puzzle. The distances between the rocks were made in a way that you just had to press space and landed on the next one perfectly.
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