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  1. Wait theres PvP Devs? I thought it was just "Dev" as in one....
  2. Willbender flames can be ignored and the animation lock is still a big issue. Yeah its technically more mobile than core guardian, but core and DH can provide better burst. Its meant to be a "roamer" similar to thief for pvp, but it lacks the reliable disengage and with low healing from Flowing Resolve, its squishy as heck. Going with a tanky amulet means its damage is subpar, even with the change to Righteous Instincts.
  3. Well about a 33% power damage nerf to glass power harbinger. No more 9k crits on elixir toss or 15k Voracious Arc damage.
  4. This is ANets typical MO though... They nerf the core stuff before touching the elite spec. Mesmer, warrior and eles are great examples of this process. I'm not saying its the correct way to do it though.
  5. If you have Master of Fragmentation traited, Psychic Riposte doesn't work.
  6. Harbinger trades the second bar of HP for more damage. Everyone's biggest mistake is refusing to attempt to punish the Harbinger for entering shroud. It isn't a second life bar and they lose access to all their utilities. If you let the Harbinger just auto you to death that's entirely your fault. Some soft or hard CC and damage will easily force them to drop shroud and use their stun breaks and congrats, they're still just as easy to kill as before.
  7. Welp, they made it work... That buff to the bleed duration means an easy 80-90 stacks... I don't understand what the point of this spec is anymore. I get its supposed to be a "BiG dPs SpEc" but its so uninspiring compared to Chrono and Mirage. Its really sad that ANet's bar for success and balance is based around the minuscule raid community. No offense to the raid/fractal community but there are 3 other game modes still...
  8. Run a full signet Condi Virtuoso for easy mode now. It laughable how this is acceptable but Catalyst wasn't...
  9. I'm not trying to be an advocate for Virtuoso, but Tipcat's kind of proving the strength of Condi Virtuoso... If anything though, this further highlights how this spec is just designed to be a DPS golem spec. It runs full signets which is hilarious as none of the Virtuoso utilities are worth taking in any game mode.
  10. They would be INSANLY broken if they both had no cast time or travel time especially for PvP and WvW. 1200 Ranged almost unavoidable 10k burst isn't healthy. Honestly, the spec feels 1/2 realized. Kind of like they thought up of the psychic blades theme but had trouble filling out the traits since almost all traits that affect illusions just don't function (i.e Sharper Images).
  11. Running full Ritualist. Great survivability, TTK is isn’t the greatest, but it’s serviceable as kiting with sc/p is super easy.
  12. The fact that your F4 block consumes all your blades for a damage increase is hilariously bad. Its not even a good damage increase either. Can't even apply decent counter pressure. If it applied some good damage it would be different story. In all honesty, it shouldn't have a channel. Losing clones and distortion is huge for Mesmer's survivability.
  13. Lower cast time and recharge. Increase projectile velocity. Buff condi duration on scepter and staff. Have blades overwrite older blades similar to clones. Fix non interactive traits and blades. Make sword skills blades.
  14. You can't get either Ritualist or Dragon stats on "old" accessories, only stuff that's come out with EoD. It was in the release notes. Edit: I haven't checked PvP or WvW trinkets, but I have a feeling those are the same as the Warlord Armor boxes don't have the stats as choices either.
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