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  1. https://imgur.com/a/wLBOtfs Hey Anet. See those 3 charr? This should be a permanent feature in my opinion. Could you please make this into a tonic or something? I would LOVE that. Thanks for reading.
  2. Would it be possible to auto-delete "Daily Gathering Yield" mail upon claim? It fills up the box.
  3. So me and (probably) everyone else on this map had it happen to them. First rollback was 1-3 minutes, second one 5+ minutes just a rough estimate. This was especially annoying because any item you harvested or any event you did any daily progress was rolled back to a certain point, think traveling a short amount back in time for the game but not for you. I didn't have harvested items anymore; like I never harvested it, and events and dailies like I didn't do them up to a certain point, I did manage to progress my daily between the rollbacks, but I completed it, and then it rolled back, and t
  4. The issue: after play button GW2 launches, I could see it in task manager, I could see it in taskbar, I could hear the login screen music but I could not "see" the game, it was invisible and could not do anything in the game. Could not interact with task manager on single screen with mouse but did alt-tab, tab and select with arrows then hit delete to end the ask. Solution (hi mod, please remove if this is inappropriate here): In the usually hidden by default AppData/Roaming/Guild Wars 2 folder, edited both GFXSettings (file type xml) with notepad. <OPTION Name="screenMode" Registe
  5. Inspired by a post on reddit called: "Specter's Ally Targeting Is A Step Backwards" I would like an option to NOT have to target an ally, if I wanted to give support. Instead... A toggle button for auto-targeting. Toggle once, switch to enemies. Toggle again, switch to allies (players only, not NPCs or pets or minis or whatever else). Press skill button, auto-target allies, prioritizing based on lowest health. This toggle button could be on F3 (or whatever the 3rd button there is next to steal and shroud ones). Why? Because I like to be supportive sometimes. This would be really useful
  6. Could human females get some norn female faces (newer/exclusive ones)? Please, norn faces are gorgeus... but I prefer human female body types.
  7. - STUN BREAK. WHERE IS IT? None of the wells have it. None of shroud or steal or scepter abilities have it. WHERE? I seriously have to sacrifice an utility skill slot to break stun? ARE YOU KIDDING? How can I give alacrity if I'm rolling on the ground? - VERY poor scepter damage on enemies. Shroud seems to do better damage. It doesn't feel very strong, EVEN IN GRIEVING GEAR. Where is the impact? Other than that I like the visuals. But they would certainly be more enjoyable if I did more damage with scepter on enemies.
  8. I don't know about that, for example, player chatter got the option to be disabled. But I would believe you if you were a current dev saying that to my face. Do you really think they want cd removed? They would rather you buy boosters separately instead of getting any of them permanently for a cheap 300 gems without penalty. Do you see the folly of it now? And you have to understand removing the cd can cause outrage in players as much as keeping it. It's not a simple matter, but disabling/removing the sound effect is, in comparison.
  9. That would explain it. I would just give the option to remove the noise because the debate about gobbler is a whole another topic.
  10. Yes I've tried. You get this sound when you constantly use any transformation potion from trick or treat bags. (please don't do it in Mistlock Sanctuary)
  11. I tried every slider on audio menu and nothing works. I would have to remove sound completely, and that means I cannot enjoy any other sounds I could otherwise enjoy because someone is transforming constantly. So is anyone wiser, does something else work? And if not well then could Anet devs please add a checkbox to disable transformation noise permanently? It really bothers me, because it is loud, it is repetitive and I can't focus on anything properly when I hear that noise.
  12. Coukld the priory histgorian Elizsa with her springer two... two somethings sell all the bounty hunter recipes at once? Because each day I hold on to hope, that I might buy the boot recipe, but nahh it soething else. Just wanna complete my armor set. I will be playing the game regardless so its not skin off your back or anything Anet. Really youre just making it difficult for the player. Cmon make it happen. Be a bro or sis or dragon or whatever good there is.
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