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  1. Yes, you do need a no option for your poll. You are trying to bring up a valid point about the swimsuits to ArenaNet and I'm with you on that part. I would like them added to the game. The problem is that your poll makes the entire thing seem like you don't actually want them added and you are kind of making the case against the swimsuits by doing so. You're basically presenting your entire case for swimsuits as sarcasm. Now, if you actually don't want the swimsuits added to the game then I apologize for my misunderstanding, but I was under the impression that you wanted them in the game.
  2. Are you telling me you have forked over tens of thousands of dollars for a car that isn't available to the market yet and you're okay with giving said money to some dealership that has other cars on the lot but you still left the dealership with no actual car? If so, good for you to have tens of thousand of dollars just laying around that you can literally do without. I have to ask, though, what unavailability of cars you are talking about? There is nothing stopping anyone from going out right now to buy a new car except a lack of funds.
  3. Trust me, I fully get the 'king of the thread'. I have arrogant narcissistic tendencies as well. The difference is that when I do it, I do it without artificially inflating myself. The fact remains your poll does not have no for an option, and you shouldn't use that sort of tactic to bring up valid points. It brings discredit to you and whatever point you are trying to make (the call for adding swimsuits to the game, which I am in favor of but never expect it to happen). You can't tell these people that nobody is against swimsuits, though. It's like states trying to say they have no new cases
  4. You can already do that by taking off your equipment.
  5. There's one other possible reason that I didn't mention: cries of sexism from some of the more verbose players among us. Swimsuits are probably seen as something that reduces women to objects, according to some. While most of us here likely don't see it that way, the fact that there are some who would is enough of a concern. All it takes is for one person to write some article on some blog about how the game 'objectifies women' and then there would be a hailstorm of bad publicity for the game. That also may or may not be why the game has no skimpy armors, either, but I digress; we're talking s
  6. You'd think the Black Lion Statuettes could features ALL the stuff that's not currently available on the store, but that thing is also limited by cycling items.
  7. When you consider that lots of people are willing to fork out cash for a product they can't immediately use (aka those that pre-purchased EoD), OPs idea might have merit to ArenaNet. I'm with you, though. I think it's a bad idea to pay for a product or service that you can't immediately use or benefit from.
  8. 9+ years and no swimsuits. The reason is simple: The devs probably feel like they are absolutely unnecessary and would add nothing to the game. I'm not against the swimsuits, I'm just saying that's probably why we don't have them and likely never will. Plus, they can argue that if you want a swimsuit, just take off all your equipment, as your character's undergarments suffice as swimwear, as evident by the beach goers at karkaland. Additionally, while Kasmeer did get an actual swimsuit and obviously the character model exists for the human females, the devs probably won't divert time and resou
  9. How about they just revert gift of battle back to how it was originally acquired: purchase with WvW currency.
  10. They can't because gen 2 precursors never drop and they're not about to add them to the loot tables. That's really it.
  11. It's not about the risk of ANET going under, it's about normalizing a garbage business tactic. Would you pay full price for a car that you absolutely could not drive for at least six months?
  12. If they're working on the season of dragons/return stuff, it means they are working towards the legendary pve amulet. You absolutely should expect to be doing a grind for a legendary item (and a free gen 3 precursor as well). Yes, it's a lot of work, as it is A LOT of content to go through, but it's INCENTIVE to play the game. You've been given SO MUCH CONTENT TO PLAY THROUGH. Sit back, enjoy the game, play it through, and finish your masteries.
  13. You really shouldn't pre-purchase. Don't give them money for something that doesn't even have a confirmed release date yet. The fact that there is STILL no release date when we're a little over 2 weeks away from February tells me that it's going to be pushed back.
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