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  1. Never had an issue with Shadow of the Dragon and just did it earlier today again. As mentioned by others here; when you need to light the fire to create the barrier of divine fire, you'll notice that after the first phase, there is an added element where a Smothering Shadow spawns once you have lighted a fire wall. Then you have to coat yourself in Divine Fire, kill it before it reaches the wall to quell the flame, it only requires one hit. Next, coat yourself in Divine Fire again, then light the next fire. Rinse and repeat 4 times, for next burn phase.
  2. Can I also direct you to gw2style.com - big site for displaying your characters and you use it for inspiration and search for something that is similar to your theme.
  3. GW and GW2 have a very low ceiling for gear/vertical progression and is maybe too casual in providing meaningful Endgame content to those who come from a traditional vertical progression based MMORPG... On the other hand, those who play vertical progression MMOs and haven't adapted to how Guild Wars has always done it, will struggle with their own MMO after a while and be fed up with the endless gear/power grind, and then they run to the next MMO providing the same approach and eventually will be bored of that too, and then you have the "grass is greener" effect with the next big MMO that
  4. Routine, non existent. I usually do the daily but that's more for AP. Other than that, I do whatever I want to do. 😁
  5. The competition here is New World.. if the xpac comes a long time after its release, GW2 will lose a big chunk of its player base and the xpac will arrive too late to reverse that effect of players investing in a new MMORPG.
  6. Of course, first thing I did with my (so far) only legendary.. craft it, then skin it. You get the legendary for its customizability with stats and rune-swapping, very few legendaries I like.
  7. WvW had its Legendary Spike, now we got the Legendary Pricks... of the cactus... you know.
  8. Part of - or another name for - Emperor Usoku's Royal Guard iirc from the article I read. New lore gleaned from a journal entry that was released in Sunqua Peak Fractal. Link
  9. Love OPs idea about alternate weapon skills to slot in... would greatly increase build variety. * Shared gathering tool slots - would kill off Anets source of income for gathering tools, but I somehow doubt there are many purchasing multiple permanent gathering tools of the same type anyway, so why not just separate those 3 gathering tool slots out to a one-time purchase to unlock (assuming this would be monetized anyway). * QoL - Visibility checkboxes on all gear slots. Silly that my Charr/Norn/etc. HAS to wear chest/leg armor when I'd like to style it differently... for comp
  10. Emperor Usoku unified Cantha by force, eliminating the Luxons and Kurzicks and quashing any rebellions and non-human settlements/factions such as exiling the Tengu. To imagine this forceful unification of an Empire - albeit enforced by the Ministry of Purity and the Seven Canthan Spears - would remain uncontested is rather foolish. If several minorities in a population are suppressed, it is only a matter of time until a resistance will slowly start to build up, and I wouldn't be surprised to see civil unrest of some sort be part of the storyline in EoD. Several groups I
  11. Fantastic TLC for the GvG community and also shows promise that there's stuff coming for WvW and Alliances still.
  12. I know, which is why I put that IF I had to admit to anything being pay2win - if at all - it would be that you can pay real cash to get in-game gold, and in-game gold is what will get you pretty much everything if "winning" equals to having tangible items to show for it.. i.e. buying all legendaries. Again - I don't even think it's an issue - but it's the only thing in the gem store that I would think let someone pay their way to endgame goals. You can't pay for power since it's not an issue in GW2, and you can't pay for skill so you won't be able to pay for an advantage to become
  13. I think the only element I would find somewhat pay2win is the gem-to-gold conversion, but even that, it's not a big deal. Gw2 has one of the least p2w cash shops I've seen in MMOs.
  14. Ah, thanks, I was guessing it maybe had to do with that. Still hope Anet could fix this though.
  15. I've just done all the strikes of the week and noticed that I did get credit for Whisper of Jormag under the Daily Strike Missions category https://i.imgur.com/07vSe2d.jpg but I did not get credit for it under the Daily Bjora Marches category - where I just noticed it was also part of the dailies. https://i.imgur.com/OLrQD67.jpg Is this a bug?
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