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  1. I’ve been waiting for Wings for a backpack/glider like this for so long, however one thing ruins it for me…the smoke trail they leave behind when gliding. Anet, whyyyyyy do you insist on adding a gliding trail on certain gliders but not others? I just watched a video showcasing the wings, and although I love the backpack and the fact they are fully dyeable, when gliding (as Asura) all I can see is smoke, the trails it leaves behind is so obnoxious it makes me not want to use them. Some gliders in the game don’t have the trail, the Moth Wings I normally use don’t. Who deci
  2. Agreed OP. Gw2 does a lot of things well but making you feel like you’re inside a living breathing world, not so much.
  3. Got an example of the “Meta SP build”?
  4. Between my Mirage and Teef, I’m more interested in dusting off my Teef right now, but been a while since I’ve played. Before I left I was toying between s/d DD and staff, now I see core is getting some love. Bottom line is I don’t enjoy relying on stealth, I’m brawler all the way but I can’t decide on what’s stronger right now. The general consensus back in the early days was s/d does everything staff does but better, is this still true? PvP by the way, mostly Spvp but also roaming. Thanks guys.
  5. As someone who’s been playing MMO’s for 15+ years being able to hit Tab to target things has been a very standard and basic thing. I’ve been playing GW2 since release but I can’t fathom how I ever got used to how bad targeting is in the game, it doesn’t seem like it should be a difficult thing for the team at Anet to correct.
  6. Been away from the game for a while, come back to see the phrase CI MIRAGE mentioned in almost every post. I can’t even Google wtf people are talking about so I’m just gunna ask it here, what is this new Meta everyone’s losing their minds over and what does CI stand for, confusing Images? The scepter #3 skill?
  7. Ok so I’ve been away from the scene for some time, can someone please explain to me what a CI Mirage is and why it’s all over the forums?
  8. I’ve just come back after a lengthy break and I was quickly reminded about one of the things that made me stop playing. The tab targeting in this game is horrendous, so much so that it’s embarrassing. I have “nearest enemy” bound as my tab and I will literally have a player IN MY FACE and tabbing will target someone at random who’s nowhere near me. Is there an alternative tabbing method I can use beyond that horrible camera mode with the crosshairs?
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