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  1. two things to consider 1.) is it worth the money? the last "expansion" isn't even worth the PvE experience so how is to going to be worth the PvP experience. 2.) does it benefit anyone buying the expansion? if it is just a map and that's it then it benefits no one, if it adds more features it gives them a to big of an advantage (pay to win). balance is key.
  2. which is an absolutely horrible way to do things, ether add it in an actual quest or what the OP suggested.
  3. they did this years ago when they changed the mastery system into the specialization system, are you really surprised they screw you ppl over yet again? i saw this happening years in advanced but noooooo, crazy sorudo is talking BS again, doesn't know anything. well, enjoy your kittened up game, GW2 is now officially not GW anymore, just a wish version of tera.
  4. the best years were over for about 6 years ago, i have yet to see something truly positive about Anet since they got greedy.
  5. a scythe for necro's. a heavy gun for engineer (like mini gun or grenade launcher) whip for rangers long shield for guardian got more tho...
  6. well, it really needs a nuke so it can be rebuild into something good, same thing for lobster land.
  7. no, it's a bunch of stuff they had to add 8 years ago but never did and now ask money for it.7
  8. My biggest problem with this is that it's a dlc of no more than 15 euro worth of content with features that should never be behind a pay wall, the weapon availability is an update feature for instance.
  9. I have seen that before, they screwed us over after that. I don't buy into that again
  10. They stopped caring about players too, nothing but crap with quick money grabs.
  11. Nothing, unless you call rehash and repeated crap new.
  12. who cares about a jade bot when they can't even get fishing right....
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