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  1. not counting the outfits and keeping in mind that you can only wear 1 weight class, it's actually no more that 84 armor sets. hardly the hundreds you mention. but even with all that, about 90% isn't even guild wars worthy. i take the original GW armors over anything GW2 by miles.
  2. no collections, that's the lame achievement crap Anet loves. i am talking about an actual story line, one that puts you on an adventure with the legendary armor as a end reward. obviously this is allot of work and i really don't underestimate what is involved but i still think it's worth it.
  3. so your suggestion is: farm your kitten off. we need an actual long quest line, one that stays inside the open world and doesn't depend on timed metas. (or any meta for that matter) you want it PvE, i want it solo, this does both. it can still be hella difficult to get trough, a good story (especially a long one) is worth tons more than yet more farming.
  4. the average is whatever the most players are doing, none of us will ever know unless Anet tells us. noobs never improve yet annoy other players, casuals just play whatever they like but stay away from problematic stuff like grinding, farming and legendary stuff.
  5. so funny to see ppl describing a casual and a noob but can't describe an average player. 🤣🤣
  6. or, and this might be crazy, allow us to TP them....
  7. first allow us to disable any and all race messages, then i don't mind.
  8. if you can tell me how i can get a GH on my own without any help whatsoever, sure. till then, not in a million years.
  9. they could simply sell fish and lock away any fishing stuff with an explanation that they need the expansion to unlock it.
  10. targeting has bin a problem since day one, even in beta on april it just sucked but they never ever touched it.
  11. so they added something and screwed it up completely? how surprising of Anet. 😒
  12. goes both ways but i agree, i absolutely hate PvP in every shape and size so WvW is an absolute no go for me. have GoE for WvW and GoB for PvE, both are happy and none is forced anymore.
  13. why didn't they go for a blend system, it's a system where the server doesn't exactly close shards but merges them when they are similar. also, why don't they do events at the exact same time in every shard?
  14. better get the griffon than the skyscale, unless you want to beat your brain out from frustration.
  15. i don't care how much DPS i do and in open PvE i never should, that's exactly how it was since launch and how it should be now.
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