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  1. Nobody is responding... Hmm, wonder why? You want to take away the only thing that allows condition Rev to even be playable. Ok good idea. (sarcasm) So, somebody you consider one of the best Revs was instantly dying? Yet, you want to take away the only pseudo strength of the build? Where is the logic? Resistance is worse than Condi clears. You can counter resistance. Condi Rev has plenty weaknesses, and Renegade can easily be bursted down by a solo warrior You basically are crying to rework or straight nerf specs not because they are overpowered, but because you don't like the way they
  2. Why are you playing bunker ele? That’s where you fucked up. Ele does the most damage in PVE right? (Or so ive heard) It’s the same in PVP. Stalk grimjack or one of the other fire eles so you can also do damage that’s impossible to heal or cleanse through. You’re welcome.
  3. Life Tip: Whenever you take advice from anyone, consider the source. All these guys complaining about Rev on the forums, but none of them even have their name on the leaderboard. That should be the first clue. Second, use your own intuition bro. You tried Rev yourself and it has obvious shortcomings to you, and you feel your other specs on other classes are stronger. Do you really need somebody to tell you how to live your life? You already found out yourself these guys are smoking crack talking hot shit about Rev. What else do you need to be pointed out?? Stop listening to these randoms
  4. -Hybrid — high damage-Greatsword-Burn Damage as sole damage condi-Low combat mobility-little to no hard cc (stuns, knockbacks, etc)-HIGH application soft cc and effect condis(Slow, chill, weakness, poison, vulnerability)-High damage, fast, bursty, constant attacks in melee range-not statically tanky-heavy on counter attacks (effects on evade such as bonus damage, AOE slow and chill, block subsequent attacks on evade, gain boons on evade, damage modifiers on subsequent blocks after initial evade(s))
  5. When you say stuff like this it becomes apparent you speak on things you don’t really know about.
  6. Ask Lee about the GS/Longbow spec he plays from pre 2015 with tweaks. ./thread Your welcome
  7. Spellbreaker, Elevand Ranger Source: Logic
  8. Dude, you cried about condi rev on the forums and it got nerfed literally the next day in a hotfix. You can’t be serious.
  9. I am Jay Savage. I post on the forums all the time (lmfao). I played the current meta build years before it was ever complained about in this current patch There is nothing OP about herald Mallyx in my opinion. I would argue it got weaker this patch as the things the forums are crying about already existed and got nerfed. It is not that strong outside of this 2v2 format and nerfing Herald Mallyx will take rev out of any sort of worth while gaming. Shao and Ketsu play subpar stuff. Always been that way
  10. That's basically how it used to work. They change things one patch and change it back 2 years later and call it new
  11. Dude all you do is post stupid crap on tbe forums. I’ve seen your name all over the forums for years but I’ve never seen your name on the leaderboards. Sorry man. I don’t want to play Rock Paper Scissors online. Get some motor skills or something dang, is that too much to ask of you?
  12. I agree man. Look at my post history and go post in my most recent thread in the PvP section. I agree with you %100. It’s like they started trying to cater to the kids that having developed full motor functionality and the old geezers crying about everybody is doing stuff too fast.
  13. There is no problem with match making. The problem is NA population of active PvPers is too low. The difference between somebody hovering at 1450 and say 1550 is much much larger than the numbers would suggest. Tbh maybe the powers that be should stop marketing this game as a PvE game. That’s why they keep spinning the wheels for new players to just come and go. The end game is PvP and the nature of that is endless replayability. Rather than make new map reskins, add PvP skin unlocks and auras, and focus on balancing and releasing new skills and classes; they choose to constantly release thi
  14. Edit Can’t let my secrets out. You still crying about 2015 rev meta though? Check the leaderboards fam.
  15. How many classes do that and how many of you scrubs are actually staying alive playing builds like that? None of you. These complains are over exaggerated. pfft and you call me the scrub you even know what state warrior is in? bruh Yeah, how many people play warrior full damage and manage to play it well enough to be a threat? 5 people? People get trashed by some of the best players in the game and come cry on the forums like everybody is performing at the level of whatever just trashed them. And you mention warrior. So warrior damage being over the top means everything in the game need
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