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  1. The scene in seeds of truth where you as Caithe have to kill all those innocent peaceful unarmed centaur. It made me physically ill. Also that the Asura tortured and experimented on sylvari to death in the name of science.
  2. I know I mentioned this before, but I just realized it would be super cool if there was a book storage system for the home instance in the form of the book cart (at least for human home instance, I can’t remember if other home instances have bookshelves or bookcarts) that’s in the market area of Salma! I need this so bad in my life, I would be so happy if it happened! @ArenaNet Team.4819
  3. I’m a huge cat lover so the warclaw was the sole reason I got into wvw and I use it at all the time. I wish it was a little faster and there were more skins for it, but even so I’m still happy because I get a cat haha. The achievements with it are funny too, sending you to all the cities to do cat like things. Ah. I just love this mount. ☺️
  4. I got the skin in a chest drop. Which was SUPER LUCKY because I was wanting to buy it but I’m always on the fence about mount skins since I’m still trying to master other things in the game and I only have raptor and warclaw unlocked so far, but I really like it! His ears are ADORABLE.
  5. I would love so much if the black lion garden deed and hunting board contracts came back. I missed out on them and I’m trying to build up my home instance. Bringing back or adding some new home instance nodes would be cool too! Oh, but most importantly, please please make a bookshelf! For the homeinstance where all us book lovers can store our books because I’m so tired of buying new bank tabs lol my bank is just full of books.
  6. Ooooooo! Thank you so much! I’ll keep my eye on that thread :) Please do not put requests in that thread. That is an announcement thread for new, returned and sale items only. There is another thread for requests, which is this one: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/348/gemstore-requests-new-items-items-offered-again#latestHaha, I know. I didn’t put any requests in it. It says on the title that it’s just announcing returning items.
  7. This JP is definitely NOT meant for rangers. I already hate jumping puzzles and this one seems just impossible. ;_; all I want is the diving achievement. Both me and my fiancé have tried for forever and I came close to crying lol. Does anyone still help out with this? I would seriously send you some black lion chests or something. I’m desperate.
  8. I bought the Kraft obelisk and the gift of quartz and gift of sprockets! I also got a longbow skin. :) I had SO much fun completeing the kookoochoo achievement and I just love love festivals so much! They’re so fun! I got tons of cool stuff at dragon bash too. I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am haha ?
  9. I’m a year late! I’m big on the role playing aspect and both of these home instance additions sound Amazing. Does anyone know if they’re bringing them back to the gem store anytime soon or if they are sold on the TP? (And before anyone lectures me on wasting my money/not making a profit, gold isn’t super important to me in the game, it’s just a means to buy cool things like the garden plot lol). Also I know that there’s a thread on this already but I just want to reiterate that a lot of us would LOVE a bookshelf for the home instance. I LOVE in game books and I’ve collected a ton of them but
  10. We need this so bad!!! I would throw all my money at anet for a home instance book shelf. My poor bank is so full of books!
  11. I would love more order related stuff like order specific storylines or quests. I feel like after the personal story that kind of faded into the craziness of the pact. Being a member of the Priory is something I really like and would like for it to be more involved. Other then that, If you could bring Sieran back, I would be happy forever. But that’s seems pretty unlikely haha.
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