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  1. You know how people feel - that's disturbing 🤔 But there are two gaps in your reasoning. 1. you claim that effort = prestige. 2. you deny that gathering 6.5 k gold is effort. I understand your point that some acheivements shouldn't be bought - but hey that's why you have AP and titles. PS. Exordium like most gen 2. weapons is crafted using curios - which are mainly bought (directly or ingredients) - someone already asked what is prestigious in buying 16 k mithril ingots and 11 k planks?
  2. That was not what I meant - how to explain it the simplest way? You have 51% shares of company X and want to sell it - you can do it via Stock Exchange, but also directly to company Y, which is interested in buying? How do you think M&A are done? Via Stock ?? [Edit:] That's offtopic - I end this discussion form my side here
  3. Dude, welcome to reality. In real life you can buy goods/shares on Stock Exchange and you pay fees. But if you deal directly with seller you don't pay brokage house. There are pros and cons. Direct buy is cheaper but risk is all yours. Whereas stock Exchange gives you safety and anonymity. I wouldn't call direct trading "grey".
  4. Do you really claim that people who bought Eternity from TP feel less prestigeous than people who made Exordium? (Eternity is 6,5 k at TP atm, crafting cost of Exordium is around 2,6 k)
  5. If you consider trading not via TP as "ouside of the game" and "grey market" you really need to change approach. Trading via communities is a part of this game economy.
  6. I started this topic, because I truly believe that trading (and communities involved into it) are one of the major dimension of this game. There are a lot of people for whom trading and getting rich is ultimate goal in this game. On the other side there are people with limited time - young working adults (which I believe is even core target group of this game), for whom idea of shortcuts to grinding is more than welcome. The whole economy of this game is amazing, so I would really love to see gen. 3 part of that great economy.
  7. You really claim that Eternity (or any other gen 1) is devalued, because you can buy it?
  8. What are the chances that gen 3. legendary weapons won't be account bound? Any statements? Speculations?
  9. That's why I wrote almost. In wvw, pvp , fractals power reaper is a way to go.
  10. In general it is not wrong. Condi reaper is inferior to power in almost every possible scenario. As for power scourge it is not that obvious. Power builds are used in wvw, as condi is non-existent in zergs. In pvp scourge is bunker and run "power" due to feed from corruption which is too op, and you have to sacrifice demonic lore for it, and the fact that focus is better offhand than torch, makes sage scourge inferior too avatar. In pve it's simple there are no power scourge builds.
  11. To sum up: (PvP/WvW perspective) Observations (ideas later on) 1. Pistol - interesting, but viable only as condi 2. Elixirs - need rework, they are terrible 3. Harbringer Shroud - good idea, but needs tweak 4. Traits - need some mechanics, now they only give [boon] and add +200 [attribute] 5. No fear at all?!? 🤨 6. Synergy with core specs are marginal Ideas: 1. Pistol could have follow-up skills - like thief sb2 2. Elixirs - why not assign utility elixirs (no heal no elite) to f2-f5 - as scourge have, they could be usable in shroud as
  12. The question is: are actions on beta characters influence regular characters if the servers are not separated? Example 1: If I capture camp on beta I won't get permanent reward, but it affects war score of my server, or not? Example 2: If I play season match that won't affects my ranking, how about regular characters participating in that match?
  13. I have a question: pvp and wvw servers for beta will be separate from regular? So only 3 classes can meet or they will interfere. If later what about pvp match results for regular characters (Let's say 5 players play beta 5 regular) and what about capturing objectives (camps, towers, etc.) by beta characters?
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