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  1. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no it's fun how it is
  2. The new traits in wilderness survival are actually really good since it all fits in to the idea of defense, and theme wise it makes sense. It works so well that it perfectly compliments the traits in nature magic, and the weapon kits of hammer and mace/mace. This build is very good and holds up in zerg v zerg fights.
  3. Get with the times ancient seeds is gone and is replaced with something better. Number 2: my mistake on the druidic clarity, I was meant to say primal echoes as the good trait.
  4. no. condi druid exists because of what they did to eclipse and druidic clarity, which allowed druid to take the traitline wilderness survival(when combined with demon queen relic) and the trait quickdraw.
  5. The meta druid build on meta battle is extremely strong. No idea what you're talking about that druid died in pvp.
  6. That mechanic isn't so bad in Soto areas because it resets the lesser chests that spawn. But it's annoying everywhere else.
  7. The ones that don't run shared anguish, which is 99% of them
  8. Soulbeast and druid already have tons of poison access even without refined toxins. Demon queen allows you to spec further in poison. No one cares about roaming builds in wvw. For spvp, it might be the case that shared anguish is used. Condi druid does not use shared anguished in either roaming in pvp/wvw
  9. Thank you for pointing out that demon queen has nothing to do with refined toxins, I totally didn't know that. refined toxins is something nobody uses unless it's for particular builds, this is undeniable. Demon queen frees up the spot since you already have primal cry, poison master, vulture stance + whatever else for soulbeast. And for druid you have a ton of cc and poison master + whatever else. Either you're playing the build against some sort of an all knowing gw2 spvp player or you're not playing the druid build right if you don't think druid or soulbeast has enough poison uptime. And to add, no one uses shared anguish unless it's for particular builds.
  10. You already have tons of poison uptime on ranger and all its elite specs. Demon queen makes poison more reliable to apply. So now it frees up the refined toxins trait that nobody used anymore.
  11. Untamed has 2 sources of stab, 1 from hammer ambush and the second from enhancing impact. Both of which are on a much shorter cooldown than pet swapping. For druid they have the 5 skill in celestial avatar which can be used every 10 seconds. They also have easy access to stealth and super speed. And not to mention the new offhand mace skill which gives stab.
  12. Let's be real here: no one uses refined toxins anymore when demon queen relic exists. And shared anguish is something no one chose compared to ambidexterity.
  13. Let me be able to play with who I want (ALLIANCES, or whatever it's called)
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